7 July, 2021
Delicious USA: Café Renaissance
Delicious USA: Café Renaissance
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Win $500 In Vouchers To Spend On Delectable Delicious USA Dishes From Smoke & Barrel, The Butchers Club & More

7 July, 2021
Delicious USA: Café Renaissance scoop

The annual Delicious USA Summer Festival is back for its third year – here’s your first look at the participating restaurants, along with a chance to win a $500 dining voucher…

We hope you’re hungry, because your stomachs are in for a treat this month with the return of the annual Delicious USA Summer Festival! This year, the premier US food festival is bringing us an expanded line-up of 42 renowned restaurants across the city, each offering tempting limited-edition menu items featuring the finest American ingredients. As the US is one of the world’s leading food producers, you can expect premium ingredients that span everything from meat, seafood, fruit, dairy, nuts, wine and more, all creatively incorporated into cuisines ranging from American, Spanish and Italian, to Asian specialities like Thai, Korean and even Burmese.

Delicious USA will run until Saturday, 31 July, leaving you just under a month to get your taste of America right here in Hong Kong. Keep scrolling for our top five menu picks, along with your chance to win $500 in dining vouchers, to be used at selected participating restaurants…

Delicious USA: Smoke And Barrel

Smoke & Barrel

Old-school American BBQ is the name of the game at Wyndham Street’s Smoke & Barrel. Naturally, the smokehouse experts are turning their hand to smoky American meats for this year’s Delicious USA. We’re talking tender, melt-in-your-mouth All American Brisket ($218), delightfully sticky Cider-Glazed Baby Back Ribs ($218), and the impressive Smoked Beef Short Ribs ($548) – a notoriously tricky dish to get right, but Smoke & Barrel does it with aplomb. Every dish features premium US cuts of meat, cooked slow n’ low in the wood-fired smoker (aka “The Beast”) for that hallmark hickory-wood aromatic flavour of traditional Texas-style BBQ.

Delicious USA: The Butchers Club

The Butchers Club

One of our go-to’s for a tasty, loaded burger, The Butchers Club is switching things up in honour of Delicious USA with a Lobster Roll ($140), served with a side of Sweet Potato Fries. A New England classic, this limited special features succulent American lobster meat served on a toasted hot dog-style bun. American Sweet Potato Fries elevate your typical fries offering; golden, caramelised, crisp on the outside, and fluffy on the inside – we approve!

Delicious USA: Café Renaissance

Café Renaissance

Tucked within the Renaissance Harbour View Hotel, Café Renaissance is the place to go for a whole host of international delights, morning, noon and night. This month, the all-day dining venue celebrates American pork for this year’s Delicious USA. First up: Pulled BBQ Pork Butt Sliders, featuring fall-apart juicy meat on a bun – the tangy pickles and creamy slaw are perfect for balancing flavour and texture. Next, our favourite – St. Louis Style Pork Ribs. These ones are extra meaty, and will leave you licking your lips and going back for more. Last but not least is the Texas Beef Brisket, which is smoked slowly to ensure a mouthwatering cut of juicy meat, brings us ultimate comfort. It doesn’t get more American than that! All dishes are available as part of its all-you-can-eat buffet (from $678), so feel free to indulge to your heart’s content.

Delicious USA: Namo Avant Thai

Namo Avant Thai

Lobster is the star of the show again at this Kowloon-side hidden gem. Known for its creative combination of traditional Thai flavours, coupled with modern techniques and global ingredients, expect the unexpected at Namo. For Delicious USA, the offering is two-fold: Boston Lobster Two Ways ($498) features half a Boston Lobster served in a hearty portion of hot and sour Tom Yum Soup, along with another half cooked in American Dill Butter, served alongside a creamy, slightly spicy Penang Curry.

Delicious USA: The Café

The Café

A taste of Louisiana awaits at Sheraton’s The Café. Of note here has to be the bold and spicy Cajun Sausage and Rice – expect a hint of subtle smokiness which really brings out the complex flavour of the American sausage. Make sure to save room for the smoked and slow-roasted US Pork Ribs, which fall off the bone and served with rustic mashed potatoes. Finally, a decadent American-style Dessert is just the thing to finish your meal on a sweet treat high. All of these dishes are available as part of The Café’s all-you-can-eat buffet (from $368). Consider us sold.

Psst! For the full list of participating restaurants, head here.

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