11 March, 2011
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Creating Small Spaces with Big Style

11 March, 2011
I (Maura) am kind of hopeless when it comes to home decorating. I am the type of girl who loves quick fixes so my house is chock full of “band aid designing”. I get paralyzed at making decisions and just never follow through with design ideas. My other problem is that I always seem to find a way to blame apartment living for why I can’t have the house of my dreams. Granted, I can’t change the floors that I hate but I can certainly design around them with a bit of helpful advice. Luckily, we just met Caitlin Wilson from Caitlin Wilson Design. Caitlin is an American designer who just moved to HK from Dubai and we literally jumped at the chance to have her share some simple and easy design tips on creating style in very tiny HK spaces.

Having moved to Hong Kong just last month, I’ve quickly learned that space is hard to come by. But having a small home doesn’t have to cramp your style…here are some ways to embrace your space!


Color palette: Find inspiration from your books or wardrobe to create your color palette and style. Carry some of those colors over from room to room to create a cohesive design throughout your entire home.


A Stylish Arrival: Even if your entry is just a hallway, create a chic vignette with a small console table or some bookshelves that can act as a display and storage. Top a table with a glamorous mirror or a pair of interesting lamps, flowers, and some personal keepsakes.


Create a Focal Point: Having a focal point is important in any room, but it’s absolutely essential in a small space. Interesting shaped mirrors work wonders by reflecting light to accentuate a wall or area.


Make a statement: Use bold patterns and contrasting colors to create a statement. Wallpaper is an instant eye-catcher and doesn’t cost too much when you use it is small doses!


Little Details: Accessories can be just as important as furniture. Choose pretty essentials like towels, bowls, and dishes that look good on display.


(all homes in the photos designed by Caitlin Wilson)


For more information on Caitlin’s interior design services email her at [email protected]
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