14 March, 2011

My Beauty Diary: Q10 Rejuvenating Mask

14 March, 2011

Guest blogger Andrea tells us about her cheap face mask fix: The Q10 Rejuvenating Mask from Taiwanese brand, My Beauty Diary.

Who doesn’t like beauty products that are affordable, deliver immediate results and are easy to use? Are you thinking of cloth masks? No? I know it’s not the first product that comes to your mind, but let me tell you why I believe that cloth masks can be a quick fix in your daily beauty routine.

Before I came to Hong Kong I was not very much into cloth face masks. You know the facial cloth masks that remind you of the movie “Scream”.  There were only a few cosmetic companies that offered them in Europe and they were pretty expensive. You could buy a box with 5 masks and pay almost the same amount as for a regular cream face mask which would last you much longer than 5 applications.

In Hong Kong it’s a completely different story. Women are addicted to beauty products and cloth masks seem to be one of their favorite products. Just go and browse in your local Sasa, you will find a bunch of brands that offer cloth masks. You can have them for your face, but also for your hands and feet. Having come across so many clear skinned women here in Hong Kong, I wondered what their secret is and I started to buy some of the cloth masks that I found in Mannings and Watson. The thing with these masks is that there is almost no English text on the packages. Fortunately the masks are affordable otherwise it would have become an expensive beauty experiment. Thanks to the internet I found a lot of information and also some pages in English that explained the brands and the different characteristics of each product. There are even blogs dedicated to some of the cloth masks. Women in Hong Kong really love them and seem to use them obsessively.

After I experimented with many of the masks at home, I have found my favorite brand. It’s called “My Beauty Diary”. It’s a very popular Taiwanese brand. They use natural ingredients and offer different masks for different purposes and skin types. The selection is quite overwhelming, but you can check their website and see which product is the most suitable for your needs. They also offer variety packs so can try out different products before you buy a whole package of one type.

I’m personally very hooked on the “Q10 Rejuvenating Mask”. It claims to hydrate, soothe and firm the skin with the anti-oxidant Q10. It does sound promising, doesn’t it? I tried it the first time with my regular night beauty regime (after cleansing, before moisturizing). My skin felt firm, very soft and hydrated. It absorbed the serum very fast almost like it was very thirsty. There was none of the serum left after I took the mask off. The next morning I still felt that my skin was hydrated and had a glowing look. Since then I use it twice a week. After I came back from cold Europe I even used it every second day as my skin was demanding hydration and my regular moisturizer didn’t seem enough. What I love most about it is that it delivers immediate results you can feel and see on your skin. Do not expect to have long term firming/lifting effects, but a more hydrated and brighter looking skin.

How do you use it? That is the great thing about the cloth mask. It’s so easy to use. Open the individual package, take out the mask, unwrap it, put it on your face according to the position of the holes for eyes and mouth, wait 20 to 30 minutes or until the product is absorbed by the skin, take the cloth mask off, throw it away and if necessary massage the rest of the serum into your skin. No need to wash anything off, no need for a cleanser. Use it once or twice a week as per recommendation or as many times you feel your skin is asking for it. Most of the products are very gentle and the skin should be able to take it. You know best what your skin needs.

When best to use it? Use it at night for the best result as your skin recovers and recharges during the night. I would recommend using your usual night cream afterwards in order to store the moisture. As most of the products promise a brightening effect, you also can use the mask as a great tool to boost your skin before a big night out. As I said before it delivers immediate results and therefore can give you that sexy glow to look radiant for the night. Why not use it on the plane? The air is so dry, your skin is in serious need for hydration and due to the easy usage of the mask, you can put one on (preferably when it’s dark) and arrive rested and with a glowing complexion.

And the best thing about it? A box of 10 masks is only HK58 (Watson’s, Mannings, Sasa, Bonjour).

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