9 September, 2015

Cor Silver: The Multi-tasking Soap that Cleanses and Replenishes Your Skin!

9 September, 2015

Here at Sassy we seem to discover a new beauty or skincare product every day, so it can be hard to know which ones actually do what they say on the tin. We’re all about finding quick, easy beauty fixes, so we’ve done the hard work for you and found a skincare line that you need to get in your bathroom cabinet ASAP! Cor Silver is loved by celebrities such as Jessica Biel and Sarah Jessica Parker… but why? We tried it out ourselves and were pleasantly surprised with the results.

Founded in the US, Cor Silver is a ‘multi-tasking’ soap that helps to clear skin, remove make-up, even-out skin tone, reduce pore size, replenish lost collagen, cleanse, tone and exfoliate all in one. Phew! You wouldn’t expect this from a simple little soap, but with a perfect pH of 7.2, all the goodness of jojoba, hyaluronic acid and aloe, Cor Silver does actually deliver on its promises. A couple of us in the Sassy office have tried it out and trust us; it really does make your skin feel super clean, smooth and moisturised!

If you’re looking for a way to streamline your beauty regime, then we would definitely recommend trying out this wonder product. It’s super easy to use (no frills and no fuss!) and really does make your skin feel nourished. The Cor Silver Soap is all about convenience, and you can even choose the perfect size to fit around your lifestyle – the 30g soap is great for jet setters who need skincare on-the-go. Stock up on the super soap here and get all your beauty steps done in one go!

Sassy Special Offer

If you’re interested in giving Cor Silver Soap a go, then you’re in luck! Sassy Girls can enjoy 30% off any Cor Silver product by simply entering the code “SASSY303” at checkout. Offer expires on Saturday, 31 October 2015.



Brought to you in partnership with Cor Silver
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