10 September, 2015

Smile Center – Teeth Whitening in the Heart of Hong Kong

10 September, 2015

Make the most out of your smile at this Central beauty spot

The warmer weather brings with it a whole host of vibrant lippy shades. From brilliant orange to fantastic fuchsia, the colours are bold and bright, just begging to be noticed. But with all this comes one little problem… added attraction to your teeth! You can use white strips and polishing toothpaste to help brighten up your smile, but they can often cause sensitivity and take time. If you want to really whiten your teeth in a blink, then head over to the Smile Center. In just 30 minutes your chompers could be up to 10 shades whiter!

Upon hearing this claim I booked an appointment for the “Classic” treatment faster than you could say “pearly whites”. Over the past 15 years previous teeth whitening attempts have always left my mouth hurting, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I’ve tried trays filled with goo that I slept in, “blasting gels” that promised results in 30 minutes but left me unable to open my mouth, whitening strips that made me drool all over, whitening toothpastes that really didn’t do much, and I’ve even tried DIY Pinterest-approved baking soda remedies at home! Could this really be that much different? In a nutshell… yes!

smile center 7

As soon as you step into the space-age clinic, you’re greeted with a beaming smile by the consultant. The consultant walks you through the whole process, assessing your current shade and asking questions about your smoking and red wine drinking habits… Then you get settled into your chair with a few good magazines and bite down on gel filled tray. A UV light is then plugged into the tray and a timer is set for 15 minutes. During this time you can relax or catch up on work, though you will probably spend a good chunk of time taking selfies and scaring your friends via Whatsapp! The only thing you have to concentrate on is holding your lips off your teeth by smiling as wide as possible so that the light can reach the bottom and back row of your teeth.

smile center 6

The first round passes quickly and you barely notice the little clock in front of you as the time whizzes by. After 15 minutes, the gel is rinsed and spit out and the trays are cleaned and refilled. This is the point where your smile is again evaluated to see where more attention should be paid and how many shades you have gone up already. It was determined that I wasn’t grinning wide enough, and that I should focus on pulling my bottom lip down more. But clearly it was working, as I was up two shades!

smile center 4

The next 15-minute session felt a little longer as my lips were shaking from holding them in one place for so long. As I stared at the countdown in front on me, it became a personal challenge and I held out, determined to do it and to do it right. As I sat there, a few more customers settled into the seats next to me for a quick tooth tune up on their lunch break. The Smile Center is located in the heart of LKF, making it super convenient to pop by between appointments.

smile center 5

Once the little timer chimed its alarm, I rinsed and spit. Looking at the results, I was pleased to see a noticeably whiter and brighter smile. In 30 minutes I had amped my smile by four shades! The best part is that the product is peroxide free – so there are no increased sensitivity issues. I was able to smile and talk with ease afterwards… which I was very thankful for! That being said, you are instructed not to eat or drink for the next hour after the treatment to maintain your pearly whites.

smile center

Results vary based on a few factors which include your diet, smoking habits and the natural whiteness of your teeth. They can’t enhance them past what nature will allow, which is different for each person. Typically, you can expect the results to stick around for 3-6 months as long as you treat your teeth with care. If you go right back to the bad habits (i.e. wine, coffee, tea, and smoking) then you will need to book a refresher appointment much sooner.


I can say without a doubt that I’m hooked! I tossed my trays and white strips as soon as I returned home. Every crazy shade of lipstick I own was unearthed and applied as I happily grinned in the mirror. Isn’t it time to revive your smile so you can wear that red lippy with confidence? In just 30 minutes you can do just that, with a little help from the Smile Center… you’ll definitely have something to smile about.

Treatments include:
Flash – 20 min for $750
Classic – 2x 15 min for $950
Premium – 3x 15 min for $1250

Smile Center, 17/F, 1 Lan Kwai Fong, Central, Hong Kong, 2110 9757, www.smile-center.com

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