25 June, 2010
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Coffee Appreciation Courses at Oscar’s Espresso Bar

25 June, 2010

I often find myself strolling into Starbucks or Pacific Coffee almost zombie like. The ever popular coffee chains have me on auto pilot and while the fact that they are scattered all throughout town is convenient I never really get a very personal and unique experience when I am there. While it is true that my end goal is usually to quickly get my Vanilla Skim Latte and jet off to my next destination, sometimes I wish that there was a bit more originality and a small town feel to my everyday coffee run. Independent coffee shops seem to be few and far between in this town and when they pop up it is like a breath of fresh air. One of the latest to open is Oscar’s Espresso Bar which is located on Wellington Street.

Oscar’s was launched by a husband and wife team who seriously missed the amazing coffee and coffee shops that they had back in Australia. After many sleepless nights compliments of their new baby Oscar which resulted in countless cups of coffee they decided to make their dream a reality. The cozy espresso bar’s mission goes far beyond serving quality coffee. They want to lead by example by delivering an environmentally friendly product that benefits the people and the land it comes from. A coffee connoisseur I am not but the credentials Oscar’s has behind it is pretty impressive. Owner Rebecca Mikula-Wright’s brother, Saxon, is a World Barista Champion Judge and his contacts and expertise were very influential in bringing the highest quality beans to this little gem on Wellington Street.

Saxon will be here in Hong Kong next week and he will be holding two coffee-appreciation courses for serious and semi serious coffee addicts. The first course is a great way to learn more about the basics of coffee while the second course is catered to a more professional coffee crowd (aka professional baristas!).

Course 1: Coffee Appreciation (for amateur coffee lovers)
Date: Thursday 1 July & Friday 2 July
Time: 7-9pm
Cost: HK$400
Where: Oscar’s Espresso Bar (85-89 Wellington Street, Central)
What: Coffee tasting and palate-awakening exercises, how to identify quality beans, different brewing methods for home, selecting the best blend for different occasions, how to judge your coffee in a cafe environment

Course 2: Advanced Barista Training (for professional baristas/aspiring professionals)
2 hour class: Wednesday 30 June, Time: 7-9pm, Cost: HK$750
4 hour class: Saturday 3 July, Time: 9am-1pm, Cost: HK$1,500
Where: Oscar’s Espresso Bar (85-89 Wellington Street, Central)
What: Courses enhance professional skills and techniques. Will include palate development, the science of taste, advanced barista tools and techniques, espresso evaluation techniques, extraction science. The 4 hour class also includes a Specialty Coffee Focus session and sales application training.

To Book a space in the session or if you have any questions you can contact Rebecca at [email protected]

Oscar’s Espresso Bar
85-89 Wellington Street, Central
3486 4986
Oscar’s is open Mon-Friday from 7:30am-6:30pm and Saturday/Sunday from 9am-6pm

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