24 June, 2010

Let’s just skip Summer then shall we?

24 June, 2010

Seeing as summer is deciding to come to Hong Kong a little late this year (and in the meantime we’re stuck with torrential rains and end-of-the-world dark skies), let’s just skip a season and indulge ourselves in some of the wonderfulness that is Autumn/Winter. Specifically, these images are all from the Bergdorf Goodman pre-fall 2010 catalogue, and I don’t know about you, but I’m totally in love…
I’m normally more of a summer person when it comes to style, pretty much because it’s so much easier to deal with just throwing on one dress rather than having to think about layers, woolly knits and tights. However this summer for me is not quite such fashion fun as I’m not very imaginative when it comes to dressing my bump, and also because I already feel like a little moving mountain even with another three months still to go…

I watched the latest episode of The Bachelorette yesterday (all of us at Sassy have SERIOUS reality TV addiction problems) which was set in Iceland, and seeing the Bachelorette, Ally, and one of her dates snuggled up in a coffee shop in matching lumberjack shirts sipping hot chocolate gave me such a longing for some wintery weather. I’m not sure if plaid is still as “in” for this coming Autumn as it was for the last one, but I’m definitely loving the super-figure-hugging tweeds paired with fake furs, long socks and pencil skirts. There’s nothing more elegant than a pencil skirt in my opinion (as long as you take care that the slit at the back isn’t riding up to your knickers which is a common problem!).

Ooh, let’s hear it for the pops of red and glittery gold!

And of course, animal print just looks so much more sophisticated for Autumn than it does for summer…

This last look might even be my favourite. I love the high-waisted skirt with the deconstructed jacket/cardigan, and super-high heels for winter daytime is just too glam as opaque tights make one’s legs just look sooo much better than they can ever look naked (well, if you’re a normal human being rather than model-thin!).

Do these looks make you excited for Autumn already?

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