The story behind Honeyfund is one that might be familiar for those of you getting married in the near future- a couple wanted to go to Fiji for their honeymoon, but found they didn’t have the money. They already had everything they needed in their home as far as wedding gifts went so they decided to set up a free honeymoon registry service to get everything sorted! Our That Bride Vanessa Yeo actually used them to get her Italian honeymoon funded by her generous guests, so we’ve got insider knowledge on this one. Guests have the option to either physically fork over the cash on your wedding day or pay online through PayPal for more convenience, especially since you don’t want to be handling silly amounts of money on your wedding day. With over a billion Hong Kong dollars raised by every couple that’s chosen Honeyfund, you’ll have that trip to Paris in the works in no time. Bon voyage, mon chéries!

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