E-Rave Custom Shop

Why buy something you’re only going to wear once when you can just rent it out? E-Rave Custom Shop offers wedding rental services for the groom priced at $2880 for four days and offer a range of suits, ranging from Chinese accented Western style suits, coat-tailed tuxedos and even high-end couture pieces. They can also create custom suits for grooms to own, including vests, bowties and cummerbunds, and are unique suit tailors in that they can alter each of their tuxes to match the bride’s dress so that you both look fabulous standing side by side. If you decide to buy a wedding suit from E-Rave, you don’t have to only wear it once-they can help you transform the tux into a business suit after the wedding free of charge so your husband can bring something sentimental with him to work.

Rental services cost $2880 for four days and custom-made suits are priced between $4880-$8380. Grooms can also buy/rent cummerbunds, vests and bowties at an additional price.


Shop 2B, Lobby Floor, The Bank of Asia Building, 10 Des Voeux Road, Central, Hong Kong
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