10 December, 2019
christmas beauty festive nail art trends
christmas beauty festive nail art trends
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Festive Nail Art Trends We Love

10 December, 2019
christmas beauty festive nail art trends

It’s time to get the party started – on your fingertips at least!

We really do believe the sky’s the limit when it comes to festive nail art (the more glittery, the better)! It’s the one time of year you can afford to let your imagination run wild and be as creative as you like, within the limits of your nail technician’s ability, of course. We intend to fully embrace it and have had one eye on Instagram, looking for inspiration. So without further ado, here are the festive nail art trends that have made it on to our shortlists!

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Simple Sparkles

Sometimes less is more, so if you’re looking for a way to embrace the holiday season (without going overboard) we recommend some simple sparkles. You could even recreate this look yourself at home. Just use some clear nail varnish to set the stars in place, before using several coats to paint over the whole nail and seal your sparkles in!

Festive Jewel Tones

This is another idea that doesn’t require the skills of a manicurist. Choose your most festive-coloured varnishes and paint your nails in several different jewel tones (make sure there are some metallics in there too!). Use the same colour on both the thumb and little finger to help bring the look together.

Traditional Red And White

Red and white are two of the defining colours of Christmas, thanks to Santa Claus. And, luckily, they make a great combo on your nails too! A sparkly red base on its own looks nice and festive, but add some white snowflakes (with a diamante or silver glitter centre) and you’ve got yourself a real talking point. You could try this yourself using a fine paintbrush to apply the white varnish, or show this to your nail technician to copy.

Frozen Inspired

Because we just can’t let it go this Christmas (groan!), this Frozen-inspired nail art will bring out your inner Elsa! This is a look probably best left to the professionals to recreate. If you don’t like the pale blue, you could swap it for a base colour of your choice, but we think it pairs perfectly with the silver glitter and pearly white.

Festive Lights

This festive light look manages to be highly effective, without being overly complicated to recreate. It solicited plenty of ooohs and aaahs in the office, so we guarantee your talons will be the talk of the town at every party you attend. We also predict you’ll be sad to remove this design once the holiday season comes to an end!



We’ve been seeing lots of texture pop up on nail art this season and are fully embracing the trend. It can be done in any colour you like, but we think deep plum and white really makes a statement. Just check your nail technician has the tools to help create a similar look, before pinning all your hopes on this design.

Christmas Jumper Style

Okay, this is one that definitely requires a bit more skill, but we think the extra time spent in the manicurist’s chair is well worth it to walk out with nails as cute as this. They’ll perfectly complement your favourite Christmas jumper. If you want to tone it down a little, you could always just ask for one finger on each hand (instead of two) to be adorned with the art.

Jolly Holidays

Last, but by no means least, is this cartoon style piece of festive nail art. Surely it will win over even the biggest of Scrooges! However, this is definitely not a look for the boardroom, so make sure you book that appointment after you turn on your out of office.

Happy holidays!

Featured image courtesy of Getty Images, image 1 courtesy of Nails.INC via Instagram, image 2 courtesy of Olive & June via Instagram, image 3 courtesy of nails_by_pippa via Instagram, image 4 courtesy of Glam Nails Bracknell via Instagram, image 5 courtesy of nailroom.gumi via Instagram, image 6 courtesy of polished253 via Instagram, image 7 courtesy of Nails by Su via Instagram, image 8 courtesy of HK nail art via Instagram.

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