19 May, 2015
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Sassy Supports: Christian Action

19 May, 2015
Christian Action is a non-profit that’s garnered a reputation in Hong Kong for their commitment to bettering the lives of domestic helpers and refugees from all walks of life, fleeing to our city in the hopes of finding safety and a new life free of war and violence. Their set up in Chungking Mansions is one that has provided a safe haven to over 250,000 displaced and marginalised women, children and men, however they’ve just announced that from May 31 that they no longer can afford to continue their Daily Food Assistance Programme.They need our help urgently to ensure that they can continue to provide food to people beginning their journey in a brave new world. One meal only costs just $18, so a little support can go a long way! To donate now just fill in this form – go to the ‘Donate to’ section and select ‘Food Programme (Refugee Centre)’ in the drop down menu so that your donation is directed to the right place.

christian action hk 3What is Christian Action?
Christian Action is a non-profit that provides emergency assistance to both domestic helpers and refugees fleeing countries wracked by human violation, be that war, torture or other unthinkable deeds. With over 50 years of experience compassionately helping the thousands of people who walk through their doors to start again, their essential daily food programme is going to be slashed unless they can find funding.

christian action hk2What do they do?
This wonderful charity provides a safe space free of discrimination for domestic helpers and new refugees in Hong Kong to help them find hope, asylum and direction in their life. They provide essential basic needs to those that come to them including shelter, food, clothing, toiletries, emergency cash as well as educational and mental health services to help them recover from whatever trauma they have experienced.

Unfortunately, they receive absolutely no funding from the government as the people they help do not have a HKID. They’ve managed to get by so far, however they’re struggling to find the cash to continue their food programme, which consists of three daily meals every weekday and lunch on Saturday, to the 2,000 people that their in-house kitchen serves per month. If the situation doesn’t change, they’ll have to shut down the programme on May 31 – something that we absolutely can’t allow to happen.

christian action hk 4How can you help?
It costs $18 to provide a meal to someone at Christian Action. That’s way less than what most of us will spend on an office lunch every day. The organisation has until 31 May 2015 to raise the funds to keep their daily food programme afloat and they’re asking for your help, so please donate here where you can. Every little bit goes a long way towards helping someone who’s suffered enough; let’s give them one less thing to worry about.

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