3 August, 2017
Suavis Lash eyelash extension
Suavis Lash eyelash extension

5 Reasons To Ditch Your Mascara: Suavislash Couture Opens in Landmark

3 August, 2017
Suavis Lash eyelash extension scoop

You’ll never go back to your wand again!


I’ll admit I wasn’t keen on getting eyelash extensions. So when the opportunity came to me, I initially said, “No, thanks.” But when I met with the experts at Suavislash Couture at its new location in Landmark, I just couldn’t say no. Because one session here and I emerged with the lashes of my dreams!

Here are the Top 5 Reasons you, too, will want to ditch your mascara for long, gorgeous lashes:

Suavis Lash eyelash extension

These lashes look totally natural

My biggest worry was I would end up looking like a drag queen at a cabaret show. But Suavislash Couture carefully selects feather-like, fine synthetic extensions. They are extraordinarily light and ultra-fine, and are applied using certified Japanese techniques. The technician will offer you six different choices of style, so you just have to choose your preferred length, thickness and curvature, and your wish is her demand!

To avoid allergy and ensure safety, extensions are never applied to the skin but only to the natural lash. Classic technique refers to one-on-one extension. Volume technique requires more tactful skill as stylist will apply multiple extensions onto each natural lash at the same time (maximum up of nine extensions also known as 9D). The more the extensions, the more voluminous the eyelashes become.

When you’re on your next junk or beach holiday, you won’t get mascara running down your cheeks

Is there anything worse than emerging out of the water at a junk party only to look like a date who’s been ditched at the prom? No more ugly streaks of mascara lines running down your face – with these lashes, you will look fresh and beautiful, as if your makeup was just applied.

Suavislash Couture provides you with the tools you’ll need to keep your lashes looking fresh and new. Along with a complimentary set of lash-care products, including two micro brushes and one lash comb. (It also has its own label Couture de Cils Lash Bubble Bath Eyelash Cleanser for purchase for deep cleansing and to keep your extensions looking amazing.)

Shorten your makeup routine

I always dread the morning makeup routine – especially when I’m running late. Having these extensions not only shortens the amount of time I need to put on makeup (hello, no more apply then reapply), but also allows me to look great even if I’m too late to put anything on! Buh-bye, mascara!

Suavis Lash eyelash extension

Spend a morning getting pampered and emerge looking fabulous.

The brand new salon in Landmark featuring state-of-the-art chairs (that recline so you can catch up on some zzz’s while they work their magic!), is super clean, cosy and meant to make you feel like a princess. The rooms have a partition that can be opened for when you and a friend want to get this incredibly easy beauty treatment done together, and close for privacy when you want it. The whole process takes about 1.5 to 2 hours.

Wake up looking fabulous – and go to bed the same way.

No smudges, no clumps, your eyelashes are fluttery and flirty from the minute to wake up to when you got to bed. No need to take off your mascara (since there is none!), and no worry about falling asleep with it on, either!

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