Get Flawlessly Dewy Skin with Our Favourite Korean Skincare Products

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Charcoal-packed Pore Minimalist Mask from Dr. Jart+

If you’re too lazy for a long, regimented skincare routine like myself, then you’ll love this Pore Minimalist sheet mask by Dr. Jart+. Our team at Sassy swears by it, as it does wonders for your skin by minimising the pores and improving your complexion at the same time. We know charcoal is a great ingredient to do that deep cleansing dirty work but it can also dehydrate your skin. This mask leaves your skin feeling super hydrated and with the acne-fighting properties you don’t have to worry about those random breakouts anymore! Some of us are also a big fans of the Dr. Jart+ Ceramidin skincare line – just in time for the cooler months!

Available from Sasa around town

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Pumpkin Sleeping mask from Too Cool For School

This one is my personal favourite and honestly, I’m such a sucker for sleeping masks because I love the fact that I can wake up to soft, hydrated skin! This Pumpkin Sleeping Mask is very light on the skin but heavier than most moisturisers. I was looking forward to the pumpkin scent but it actually doesn’t smell very pumpkin-y at all! The pumpkin extract actually gives your skin a smooth, exfoliated surface while the pumpkin enzymes soak in. You might find yourself applying this bad boy several times a week when you feel your complexion is a bit dry.

Available for $140 from Too Cool For School around town

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Capsule Recipe Pack from Innis Free

There’s a reason why Innis Free has opened so many branches in Hong Kong and they’re only getting more popular. With a reasonable price tag and natural ingredients from Jeju Island, Innis Free is a must-have in many Korean girls’ skincare routine. There are 12 kinds of capsules that targets different skin problem areas in the Capsule Recipe Pack. These masks are perfect for travelling as they’re in cute small packaging and each capsule can be used 2-3 times. My personal favourites are Canola Honey(Moisturising) and Jejubija & Green Tea (Trouble Care).

Available from Innis Free around town for $19.79 each

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Concentrated Ginseng Cream EX from Sulwahsoo

We can’t possibly talk about Korean skincare products without mentioning ginseng. Ginseng, the traditional Korean beauty ingredient, is no stranger to the Asian skincare scene. Among the many benefits ginseng can bring, it’s anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anti-ageing. If getting rid of those fine lines and getting a face lift is what you’re looking for, this rich, luxurious, silky Concentrated Ginseng Cream EX from Sulwahsoo works wonders on your skin and it does what it claims. (Tip: use it as an eye cream to get even better results!)

Available for $1120 from Sulwahsoo around town

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Starting Treatment Essence (Toner) from Secret Key

If there’s one thing you need to know about Secret Key, it’s their Starting Treatment Essence that has been all over the internet since last year. So what’s all the hype about? This ‘miracle water’ is known to have a dual function of whitening and wrinkle diminishing (yes, please!) and absorbs into the skin immediately. This product has actually helped reduce my breakouts after using it for months and my skin always feels refreshed and moisturised when I use it in the morning.

Available for $98 from Colourmix around town

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Lip sleeping mask from Laneige

This is the one product that I cannot complete my night skincare routine without, and if you are as obsessed with lip care as I am, then you might find yourself applying this lip sleeping mask several times a week. I immediately fell in love with this mask when I smelled the sweet and fruity berry fragrance (you may be tempted to eat it!) and the scent comes from actual berry extract rich in vitamin C and antioxidants. My lips were never the dry, chapped type, but with this product I wake up the next morning with smooth and supple lips that I’m so happy with. One jar lasts for a long time and yes – you can skip the lip balm during the day!

Available for $155 from Laneige around town

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Clean It Zero from Banila Co.

Removing makeup is the most crucial step of skincare, and that’s why choosing the right makeup remover that gets rid of everything from your skin after a long day is key. As a user of water-based makeup remover, I found the idea of an oil cleansing balm quite intimidating at first (and I’m sure many of you feel the same) as I have acne-prone skin. But this product has changed my idea of oil-based cleansers. Clean It Zero effortlessly dissolves waterproof makeup and it doesn’t leave your skin feeling greasy at all. The papaya extract is the perfect ingredient to naturally exfoliate the skin and acerola extract is rich in vitamin C which helps to brighten. It’s super travel friendly (yay, no spillage!), so it’s definitely worth a try!

Available for $220 from Banila Co. counters in Sasa around town

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The True Cream - Moisturising Bomb from Belif

If keeping your skin hydrated at all times is your thing, then look no further than The True Cream –Moisturising Bomb by Belif. The key ingredient of this creamy product is comfrey leaf – incredible for healing the skin and retaining moisture (according to Belif, this little jar offers up to 26 hours of moisture!). If you have oily or combination skin that needs something more lightweight, The True Cream Aqua Bomb, which is considered a bouncy balm (another Korean trend!), will provide a gel-like consistency that smooths onto your skin and has a cooling effect.

Available for $350 from Belif counter at Lane Crawford, Time Square

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