4 August, 2017
KMS hair products
KMS hair products

Get Your Dream Look with KMS’s New 3 Step Regime

4 August, 2017
KMS hair products scoop

Say good-bye to frizz and hello to gorgeous looking locks!


The heat, the humidity, the pollution – these are all forces against achieving great looking hair, girls! Which is why we were excited to try KMS’s new 3 Step Regime meant to fight flyaways and frizz and make our tresses look amazing. The process is simple: Start. Style. Finish. Sassy wanted to put these products to the test on three different hair types to see just how amazing these products were. We tried it on tight, coily curls, wavy hair and straight hair, and we weren’t disappointed! You can stop looking for your favourite new haircare products, because KMS has something for every type of hair out there.

KMS hair products Rox

Name: Roxanne
Hair type: Tight, spirally curls
Products used: Moistrepair Shampoo & Conditioner, Thermashape Quick Blow Dry, Curlup Perfecting Lotion and Hairstay Anti-Humidity Seal
The result: I loved my look!

Women with my extremely curly hair need moisture, moisture, moisture, and the KMS team knew just what to give me. I started with the Moistrepair Shampoo to cleanse, and followed up with the Moistrepair Conditioner. My hair immediately felt silky and soft, even after I rinsed it off. I towel blotted my hair and immediately noticed a perfect curl pattern that wasn’t frizzy or fuzzy.

Afterward, I applied the Thermashape Quick Blow Dry, which I was excited to try because it normally takes my hair ages to dry (and gave me more time to do my makeup!). I then pumped a large dollop of Curlup Perfecting Lotion into my palms and evenly scrunched it throughout my head. It helped define my curls and, later in the day, fought against the moist August air, allowing my curls keep their shape and look great.

After air-drying and then diffusing my locks, I finished off the look with Hairstay Anti-Humidity Seal, which acted like an umbrella for my hair and shielded it from the humidity and frizz (for up to 72 hours!). Perfect for Hong Kong’s unpredictably crazy weather!

KMS hair products Surmayee

Name: Surmayee
Hair type: Thick wavy hair, can be dry and coarse
Products used: Deep Cleansing Shampoo, Moistrepair Cleansing Conditioner, Tamefrizz Smoothing Lotion, Thermashape Quick Blow Dry, Hairstay Working Hairspray
The result: My hair has never felt better!

I work out four to five times a week, so my hair care regimen is mostly based around what’s convenient, quick and low maintenance that I can use at the gym before work. My hair can be quite dry because of how much I need to wash it (to get the sweat and grime out), so KMS suggested I use the Moistrepair Cleansing Conditioner every so often (because and unlike normal 2-in-1 products it’s a conditioning base cleansing agent), which got me through two consecutive gym days without any dryness, even in my ends. Plus, the Thermashape Quick Blow Dry really did cut my drying time down and added extra conditioning to my hair so it didn’t feel crunchy after! I finished with the Hairstay Working Hairspray to keep my blow-dried hair looking fresh all day, and it held up even in this bizarre rainy-yet-steamy weather!

On my non gym days, I got to pamper myself with the full routine, starting with the Deep Cleansing Shampoo (take that, gross buildup!) and ending with the Tamefrizz Smoothing Lotion which let me rock my naturally wavy hair without the stray flyaways that normally make an appearance on exceptionally humid days.

I’m always on the look out for conditioning products for my dry hair that doesn’t leave my locks weighed down, and KMS delivered with every single product – I honestly can’t stop touching my hair because it’s the softest it’s felt in a lot time!

KMS hair products Annie

Name: Annie
Hair type: I have naturally wavy (and quite frizzy!) hair, which doesn’t like to hold a style
Products used: Moistrepair Cleansing Conditioner, Moistrepair Revival Crème, Addvolume Texture Crème, Hairplay Dry Wax
The result: Hair that stayed looking freshly styled all day

I’m fairly low-maintenance (read: lazy), so when I was faced with four new hair products to try, although I was excited to see the results, I was also a little apprehensive as to whether I’d actually use all of them.

Thanking my lucky stars, I soon found that the Moistrepair Cleansing Conditioner was a “co-wash” shampoo and conditioner in one – and anything that can save me time in my morning shower is obviously a huge bonus!

As my hair is an annoying in between level of not that curly, and not that straight, I can find it hard to stick to a style. I normally leave it to dry naturally and add a few extra curls in, or blast it with my hairdryer and then run over with straighteners. Though whatever I try, I usually end up with a lac-lustre and limp frizzy mess by the time I get to the office! So, I was pleased to see that after using the Moistrepair Revival Crème and leaving my hair to air dry, it was noticeably less frizzy and the curls were more controlled. Then with the addition of using the Addvolume Texture Crème, I found that my hair definitely had added life and volume – just what it said on the tin!

The icing on the cake was my final product, Hairplay Dry Wax, which added texture to my hair, and helped to keep it in place. So, when I wanted to rock natural curls, the products helped to add fullness, texture and volume, along with keeping my hair looking fresh all day long, despite the humidity.

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