25 April, 2018
Personalised Jewellery from Diamond Registry
Personalised Jewellery from Diamond Registry

Mother’s Day Gifts That Last: Personalised Jewellery from Diamond Registry

25 April, 2018
Personalised Jewellery from Diamond Registry scoop

Stunning, bespoke jewellery that your mum is sure to love this Mother’s Day

Wondering what to get your mum this Mother’s Day? Whilst shopping for diamonds is nowhere near an everyday occurrence, special occasions call for a special spark. You can express love in a million different ways but there’s something about a personalised gift which takes it to the next level. With Mother’s Day coming up, we chatted to Diamond Registry to find out about ways to make gifting a little easier…

Useful, beautiful and timeless presents are hard to come by, and top quality is a standard we hold ourselves to! In case you haven’t heard, Diamond Registry has countless diamond items in store – in a never-ending array of colours, sizes and cuts! With the option to create your very own bespoke piece, you’ll be able to create a thoughtful present for the wonder woman who raised you.

The jewellery experts behind Diamond Registry share their top three points to keep in mind before spending on something sparkly. It’s time to get something your mum is guaranteed to adore!

Mother's Day gifts from Diamond registry

1. The early bird:

If you’re getting your gift sorted nice and early, we applaud you! This gives you the time and flexibility to create a lifelong present – with an early bird discount on the ‘initial’ items. Head in to Diamond Registry for a personal consultation before Mother’s Day (Sunday, 13 May) to make the most of the 30% discount. We’re secretly eyeing up the ‘initial’ jewellery items for ourselves – available as a necklace or bracelet, with plenty of customisable options. Super on trend, we’re spotting brands like Louis Vuitton, and stars like Chloe Grace Moretz, Blake Lively, and Meghan Markle all working the look!

2. The upgrade:

Looking for top quality without breaking the bank? If your mum has a piece of jewellery she loves, you can opt to simply upgrade it. Easy! For example, you can add a detachable halo around her diamond stud earrings, or a ring jacket to add a bit of personality to her current jewel. Quick, simple and cost-efficient? Check!

3. Bespoke gifting:

Whether you’re going for an elegant everyday number, or a modern statement piece, personalisation is the best way to invest in diamond jewellery. Plus, you’ll be leaving with a piece that is completely unique – tailored to perfection. To really create a special memory, you can even bring your mum along with you and create your jewellery pieces together. Pop a bottle of bubbly and make a date of it! There’s a reason they say diamonds are a girl’s best friend…

If you’re keen to personalise and purchase a gorgeous diamond piece (for yourself, or for a lucky someone) stop by Diamond Registry’s showroom in Central, or call or WhatsApp one of their in-house experts, Grace, on 6273 4281.


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