11 November, 2016
two festival makeup looks by faceslap!
two festival makeup looks by faceslap!
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2 DIY Festival Makeup Looks from FACESLAP!

11 November, 2016
two festival makeup looks by faceslap!

Festive Faces by FACESLAP!


In between the craziness of the Christmas season comes Hong Kong’s festival favourites, and with Clockenflap and Secret Island Party on the horizon, we’re busy jamming to a killer lineup and planning our festival getup. And as much as we’re in love with the usual fringed-boots, denim jackets and floral crowns, we’re taking it a step further this year and enlisting a little help from the experts.

FACESLAP! is back again with two super cool makeup looks that are guaranteed to turn heads and add a whole new dimension to festival fashion!

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fluorescent tiger stripe makeup

Earn your stripes:

From neon pinks to yellows and green, let’s face it, fluorescents will always be fabulous! And what better occasion is there to don your favourite off-the-shoulder look and show off your stripes (before it’s too cold to bare those shoulders!) than at a festival? This fun tiger-inspired makeup looks is both head-turning and seriously snap-worthy, as well as being super simple to recreate…

neon and glitter facepaint

– A tribute to David Bowie! Start by using a makeup sponge and dab a bright neon pink triangle from your temple and down over your eyelid. Take a clean sponge and paint thick lines of yellow and orange on either side of the pink. Whilst still wet, sprinkle with gold glitter (or use a squidgy bottle to ‘blow’ the glitter over your eye area).

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using neon paint on collar bones

– On the opposite side to your painted eye, take the same neons and use the sponge to gently press lines of colour from behind your ear down towards your shoulder, blending the paint lightly as you go.

painting tiger stripes over woman's eye

– Using a thin paint paintbrush, start creating your tiger pattern in a series of lines and squiggles. No need to be precise about it! Start from the top layer of neon and work your way down to the last, varying in lengths and thickness. With a steady hand, do as you would on a night out and line your eyelid with a thick black line and then try not to open your eye until it’s completely dry!

painting tiger stripes over the collar bone

– You may need to recruit a little help for this next part, or make sure to use a large mirror! Continue with your stripes all the way down your neck adding tiny black dots (in the shape of Mickey Mouse) at random.

neon tiger stripe makeup

– Bring the entire look to life by drawing white lines parallel to the black! No need to add the white to all of your handiwork, but a couple here and there on both your neck and eye area will tie it all together. Finish with a second sprinkling of glitter and a good misting of makeup-setting spray and, voila! Fierce.

Masquerade Magic:

masquerade festival makeup

This playful and vibrant look is a cute take on the iconic masquerade mask. Typically used to conceal one’s identity, we’re switching it up and ensuring that all eyes are on you! A steady hand and a decent setting spray is all you need to recreate this magical-masked makeup…

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sponging blue paint over the eyes

– Depending on how artistically blessed you are, this may be one to recruit a little help for! So grab a mirror (or your bestie) and use a sponge to dab light blue paint in the shape of a masquerade mask over your eyes and the bridge of your nose.

neon yellow flowers

– Using your eyeshadow palette of choice (we obviously opted for Urban Decay), blend and sweep silvers and greys over your eyelids, using a lighter shade in the inner corner of your eyes and a darker in your crease.

applying silver eyeshadow

– Outline the blue with a maroon (or any colour of your choosing!) to achieve that all-important 3D effect, and then using a really fine brush, start painting tiny, fluorescent flowers above your eyebrows, and circling down underneath your eyes. Use two colours over the top of one another, incorporating dots and small strokes.

neon pink lips

Paint a perfect pout and opt for a neon pink lip! Feel free to use a vibrant lippy like a liquid matte if you’re concerned about the colour coming off, but paint will definitely pop too!

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masked makeup look

– It’s all in the detail! Take the time to finish off your look with some fine brush work. Using black, frame your eyes with intricate spirals and flecks all the way around the mask. You shall go to the ball!


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