15 February, 2022
Lane Crawford Angela Caglia's CrystalLED Face Mask Review
Lane Crawford Angela Caglia's CrystalLED Face Mask Review

Sassy Tries Angela Caglia’s New CrystalLED Anti-Aging Face Mask

15 February, 2022
Lane Crawford Angela Caglia's CrystalLED Face Mask Review scoop

Find out what happened after we used the CrystalLED™ mask for 14 days…

It’s been a while since many of us have seen the inside of a beauty salon but even when they were open, let’s be honest, treating ourselves to a facial treatment was somewhat of a luxury we would only rarely enjoy. With in-salon treatments costing up to thousands of dollars, it’s no wonder people are turning to more cost-effective at-home alternatives like celebrity facialist Angela Caglia’s CrystalLED™ Anti-Aging Face Mask.

Lane Crawford Angela Caglia's CrystalLED Face Mask Review: Product

We’re sure you’ve been seeing a lot of these types of masks on the ‘Gram. Yes, many of them look like they belong in a sci-fi or slasher film, but this is not the only reason they’ve grown so popular. These LED face masks promise many benefits for the health and appearance of your skin – and we’ve found one that ticks all the benefit boxes and looks feminine as well!

Angela Caglia’s new CrystalLED™ Face Mask (which, in our opinion, is the prettiest on the market) uses non-invasive red LED light phototherapy, which is said to promote collagen production and improve your circulation as well as reduce fine lines, redness and acne. We didn’t need much convincing to try the mask out for ourselves! Read on to find out what happened after we used the CrystalLED™ mask for 14 days…

How Angela Caglia’s CrystalLED™ Face Mask Works

The CrystalLED™ Face Mask is embedded with a total of 180 red anti-aging LED lights (the most of any silicone mask on the market!) and Angela Caglia’s signature rose quartz crystals for an extra touch of luxury. The first of its kind, the silicone mask boasts dual wavelengths – 630nm red and 850nm infrared for optimal anti-aging benefits.

It is recommended that you use the mask for 10 minutes, three to five days per week, for at least four weeks for best results. With this type of treatment, consistency is key. At least 80% of users who have completed a 12-week treatment course reported smoother and brighter skin.

Before And After 14 Days: Results And Overall Impressions

Lane Crawford Angela Caglia's CrystalLED Face Mask Review: Nicole's Experience

Brighter Skin After One Week

I’ve never been one to invest much time or effort on skincare, but now that I’m nearing my thirties it’s probably time I started looking into anti-aging products. When I turned 29 last year, I remember inspecting my face in the mirror. I noticed the dark circles under my eyes and dullness of my skin, thinking I should try to get more sleep and drink more water. Upon closer inspection, I also detected some fine lines that were starting to form on my forehead.

At the time, I thought there was little I could do about this and was skeptical that anti-ageing creams or collagen supplements would do me much good. I didn’t know much about LED light treatments, but when I heard about Angela Caglia’s CrystalLED™ Face Mask, I was curious to see if this could be my solution!

I had seen the other LED masks that were circulating social media, but was pleasantly surprised at how pretty Angela’s mask looked. I was worried the mask wouldn’t fit my face properly, because most sheet masks don’t, but the adjustable velcro strap helped me secure it to my face, freeing me to get on with whatever I was doing (though I usually preferred to use the mask right before bed because I found it really relaxing). I love that it only took 10 minutes out of my day!

After just three sessions, I started seeing improvements in my skin and was raving about the mask to everyone I met that week. My skin was the smoothest it’s ever been and a friend said she noticed my skin looked brighter too!

Minimised Pores And Smoother Skin After 14 Days

I used the mask around four times per week, as recommended, and by the end of week two I was very impressed with the results! My skin was looking a lot healthier and felt plumper to the touch. I also noticed a reduction in the size of my pores, which I think is what has made my skin smoother. The mask doesn’t come cheap, but from the results I’ve seen so far, I think it is definitely worth its price!

Lane Crawford Angela Caglia's CrystalLED Face Mask Review: Elle's Experience

The Perfect At-Home Alternative

I’m definitely a fan of the odd facial throughout the year, but I usually leave each appointment feeling a little disheartened when I’m told that for best results I’d need more frequent visits than I can commit to. I’ve also tried upping my home skincare routine, but I have to admit sometimes I really struggle to find the time to fit it all into my day. So when I heard that Angela Caglia’s CrystalLED™ Face Mask can achieve that post-spa glow after a no-fuss, 10-minute session, in the comfort of my home, I jumped at the chance to put it to the test!

On first look, the face mask is sleek and practical. It’s flexible, light and compact, folding up easily, which makes it super portable and easy to maintain your skincare regime whilst on the go! 10 minutes goes by in a flash, and this mask is perfect for those of us who prefer to multi-task, checking off a bit of life admin whilst squeezing some pampering into our day, so there’s really no excuses!

A Beauty Tool That Means Business

As Sassy’s Managing Director and a mum of two, life can get wildly busy, but it wasn’t too hard to carve out 10 minutes in my day to use the mask. Plus, it was the perfect excuse to take a break from everything and have a little time to myself. Wearing the mask acted as a sort of “do not disturb” sign.

I noticed that with each use, my skin was glowing brighter. It had a similar effect to when I’d use my facial roller or gua sha, but instead the LED lights were doing all the work and I didn’t have to lift a muscle! Compared to the wet sheet masks I’ve used in the past, the CrystalLED Face Mask felt like it was delivering a more quick and targeted treatment – it’s undoubtedly a beauty tool that means business!

Where To Buy Angela Caglia’s CrystalLED™ Face Mask

Angela Caglia’s CrystalLED™ Face Mask is now available exclusively at Lane Crawford until Tuesday, 22 February. Buy the CrystalLED™ mask in-store or online now and receive Angela Caglia’s Gold Cryo Facial Set (worth $950), while stocks last.

Lane Crawford Angela Caglia's CrystalLED Face Mask Review: Shop Now

Brought to you in partnership with Lane Crawford.

Photography by Daisy Costello for Sassy Media Group and courtesy of Angela Caglia and Lane Crawford. 

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