30 June, 2014
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Achieve your fitness goals at Pinnacle Performance in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

30 June, 2014

If you’re into sports or fitness, you’ve probably heard about Pinnacle Performance, Hong Kong’s latest gym catering to those seeking their “peak performance”. Having not been to the gym in a while (okay, a really long time), I decided to pop in, try it out and see what all the fuss is about.

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Conveniently located in Causeway Bay, Pinnacle Performance is what you would expect of a performance centre – the space is broken down into Performance (Olympic lifting platforms), Resistance (squat racks, kettlebells etc.), Conditioning (bikes, rowing machines), and Suspension (rings, TRX etc.) Oh, and there’s a 22m athletics track. It’s sleek, well designed and has a good feel to it – it’s not pretentious or intimidating like many places in HK.

On arrival we were greeted by Tom Summers, Head Strength and Conditioning Coach who gave us a quick tour of the gym before showing us the plan for the day. In every Group Development Session (GDS), each member has their own plan that allows you to track your performance and improvement. It can also be tailored to specific requirements/injuries/problem areas etc. Having shunned the gym for my yoga mat over the past year or so, the plan looked rather intense – I could already feel the pain I’d be in the following day!

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The session I was taking part in was called Explode, which is part of Pinnacle’s ‘Strength and Power’ offer. They also have GDS focused on ‘Metabolic Loading’ and ‘Physiological Conditioning’ – it all sounds rather confusing, but once you’ve visited the gym and had a chat with the team, you quickly get an understanding of what each programme offers. The GDS are split into ability – Principle (base), Clinical (mid) and Pinnacle (peak) – so no matter where you are at on your journey to improve your fitness (whatever that target may be), there will be something for you. As well as this, classes are limited to eight people, so Tom is always on hand, watching technique and to ask questions. There were numerous times I paused (mainly because I needed to catch my breath) to ask him questions about the exercise, and he was able to provide clear and succinct answers without being overwhelming.

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Emma and I worked our way through the programme, consisting of squats, hand cleans, jumps, suspended planches plus more… As we worked, each of our individual programmes were presented on one of the many screens and filled in as we went along. This is so that a) your performance can be tracked and b) you remember what you achieved in your last session and can make improvements. By the end of the hour long session, my legs were like jelly and my arms were aching.

I returned to Pinnacle Performance the following day, and as a result couldn’t walk properly for a good three days – such a satisfying feeling (something I haven’t felt in a while!).

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At $2,895 per month, membership doesn’t come cheap. That said, GDS classes are limited to eight people and you have unlimited access to the gym. On top of that, you have trainers on hand and they are there to help with any questions, queries you may have in order to achieve your goals.


If you consider a workout to be an hour on the Stairmaster watching Sex in the City reruns, then Pinnacle Performance probably isn’t for you, but if you are serious about your fitness, this is the ideal place to take your training to the next level. I was really impressed and will definitely be heading to one of the Group Development Sessions again!

Pinnacle Performance, 7/F, Morrison Plaza, 9 Morrison Hill Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong, 2469 2000, www.pinnacleperformance.hk. Email [email protected] for more details!

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