30 June, 2014
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Delicious lunch delivery from Lola’s Lunchbox!

30 June, 2014

It’s 11.45am, and that banana you half ate as you sat squashed on the MTR this morning hasn’t quite cut it. The hunger pangs are starting to kick in and you’re glancing at the clock every five minutes in anticipation for lunch… is noon to early to go? Was that my stomach that just growled? Eventually, off you go for a bite to eat, or too often you’re reduced to an uninspiring desk-lunch. Well, we’re letting you in on a little secret that’s going to brighten up the usual office lunchtime, which is inevitably never as satisfying as you thought it would be. And that little secret which is sure to lift your lunchtime spirits would be Lola’s Lunchbox!


Lola’s Lunchbox isn’t any old lunch delivery service. This one-woman cooking machine creates delicious, gourmet lunch-boxes packed with surprising treats. Not only will her carefully thought out meals fill you up for the rest of the day, but they’re also made using great quality organic ingredients that are nutritious too.

1454899_202017239987150_1126918971_nHer passion for food and commitment to this venture is evident in the fact that she cooks every single lunchbox herself – and delivers them all too! Talk about multi-tasking… especially as you get one main dish, a side and a dessert with every delivery!


The menu at Lola’s changes every week, meaning the food is fresh and seasonal, so you won’t ever get bored of her creative dishes (beats having the same old sandwich every day, that’s for sure). We were happy to test out her Friday menu one day in the office, which consisted of a provencal pie with a mixed veggie salad, a tomato and cucumber gazpacho and a delicious chocolate and saffron mousse. All of which was homemade!


On a warm summer’s day, Lola’s cooling, classic gazpacho is the perfect refreshing kick to wake you up for the afternoon. Although the texture was rather thick, this only goes to show that it was home-cooked and added a more rustic feel to the lunchbox.


The main event was the provencal pie with tomato, caramelised onions and a cheese-filled crust. This little baby had delicious cherry tomatoes strewn over it, with flavourful, melted cheese over the top. The pastry, again, had that homemade feel to it, and was thankfully not too thick… just right. I loved the surprise crunchy crust of the tart, which was stuffed with Emmental cheese. You’d definitely feel full up after tucking into this! Accompanying the tart was fresh bed of salad leaves and a selection of delicious vegetables. The grilled zucchini and caramelised carrots were my favourite, and the chunks of avocado topped with sunflower seeds made for the perfect end to an extremely satisfying meal.


The tasty trip didn’t end there, as we also got a little cup of chocolate, saffron mousse. This chocolate mousse was incredible – light and airy but also decadently chocolate… a true French chocolate mousse, and one of the best I’ve had in Hong Kong.


Overall, Lola’s Lunchbox certainly lifted our moods on a dreary Hong Kong afternoon. Packed with flavour, this homemade box of delights is amazing value for money at only $150 for the complete lunchbox (this includes a dish, side and dessert). With everything being homemade, eco-friendly packaging, premium products used and free delivery, this is a lunchtime gem that we’re definitely going to be trying again.

Lola’s Lunchbox, www.lolaslunchbox.hk. Order online here for the following day, menu changes daily. 


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