28 September, 2012

A Jolt Of Hydration – give your skin some TLC at Sense Of Touch

28 September, 2012

Has your skin been bearing the brunt of too many sandy beaches or super-drying air-cons this summer? If so, Sense Of Touch’s A Jolt Of Hydration treatment may be just the ticket to give your skin a touch of TLC!

The 105-minute treatment includes a full-body exfoliation and massage, to buff away dead skin cells, detox your skin and de-stress your whole body!

Having been to the Sense Of Touch spa in LKF before and loved my treatment (see here for proof!), I was pretty excited about what lay ahead. Unfortunately, I was in a smaller room than last time, meaning my therapist was a bit pushed for space and had to shunt the entire bed, with me on (strong lady!), everytime she needed to manoeuvre her way around – I’d definitely recommend you request one of the bigger rooms if they’re available!

The first part of the exfoliation was a light body brushing that my therapist promised would rid me of my dead skin cells – and as the bristles brushed against my skin, it possibly got rid of a few live ones too! This was followed by an exotic and wonderful smelling ginger and lime salt scrub; once completed, my skin felt revitalised and invigorated… and we still had over an hour of treatment goodness left to go!

After a quick shower to wash off the scrub, it was time for a soothing and warming full body massage using Frankincense essential oils, a de-stressing muscle gel and various other lotions and potions designed to improve my general wellbeing. The massage uses an intensive deep tissue technique and my therapist was adept at stretching my limbs just so, neither too soft to feel ineffective nor too harsh to be painful. Meanwhile, the mixture of slippery smooth and lovely smelling oils and gels made the whole thing even more relaxing, culminating in an amazing head massage that I only wish had lasted longer!

After 105 minutes of having every inch of my body pampered and preened, I felt both relaxed and rejuvenated – even if the occasional sounds from the massage happening next door drifted through to my room (turn that spa music up next time, Sense Of Touch!). Thanks to the combination of the scrub and the essential oils, my skin was softer and my limbs felt more limber – and my dogs were pretty delighted to set to work licking off all those lovely oils once I got home (try not to shower immediately afterwards, so they can continue moisturising your skin).

Overall, if you’re in need of a bout of R&R, A Jolt Of Hydration definitely delivers on its promise – and your dry summer skin will be immensely grateful for it!

A Jolt Of Hydration costs $1430 for 105 minutes.

Sense Of Touch, 1-5F, 52 D’Aguilar Street, Lan Kwai Fong, Central, Hong Kong, 2526 6918; other Sense Of Touch spa locations include Arbuthnot Road, Discovery Bay, Sai Kung and Repulse Bay (see here for full addresses).

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