15 October, 2010
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A Day in the Life of Melissa

15 October, 2010

Continuing our Day in the Life series, this week we’re finding out about how work-from-home mum Melissa spends her days with little Gemma… Melissa is definitely one busy lady getting the most out of life in Hong Kong!

Before our morning coffee you should probably know a little more about me.  Only a few teasers – I’m a private person but my very close friends know me so well!  My family consists of my gorgeous husband, Simon – the patience and financial advisor in our relationship.  And my one-year old daughter, Gemma, the most beautiful piece of our family.  My day basically revolves around her!  I am a work-from-home-Mommy and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Aside from my family I love meeting new people and having a great time.

My days start quite early with my pint-sized alarm clock calling ‘Mama’ at 6:30 am.  Fridays are Mommy and Gemma days! We take a stroll to The Brunch Club for Mommy’s coffee and an omlette to share – made without milk and well-cooked. We always sit on a sofa so Gemma can doze off for her morning nap and I can work from my laptop. If I have meetings in the morning my day starts at Cafe Punta del Cielo so I can prepare for my meetings. My friend Stephane introduced me to this place. This is my regular workplace during the week. Gemma heads to Play Gym at Gymboree and I grab a Yoga class at Pure Yoga followed by a  manicure and pedicure at Sense of Touch. It’s one of the first places I started going to regularly when I arrived in Hong Kong – I’ve strayed every now and then but love, love, love the Arbuthnot Road location.

We visit various stores such as Petit Bazaar and Homeless on Gough Street. The end to a perfect girl’s afternoon is Afternoon Tea at The Four Seasons or The Mandarin Oriental.  Gemma goes everywhere with me from no stars to 5 stars!

After Gemma goes to sleep Simon and I head out on the town.  The only place in the world I am committed to is Blue Ribbon Brasserie in New York City but everywhere else I love trying new places.  My favorite place for drinks at the moment is Lily in LKF Tower.  For dinner I am loving 208 Duecento Otto – the chef hails from Babbo in New York!  The atmosphere is great and Sheung Wan is such a charming part of Hong Kong. Always great to end the evening at Lei Dou – you wouldn’t even know that Jello shots are being slurped at the end of the street!

Saturdays start with a trip to Pure Fitness for a class.  After Gemma’s morning swimming lessons we head to The Fish Bar for a chilled-out afternoon. Every Mommy and Daddy deserves an afternoon champagne or two with a seafood lunch. It’s a great place for Gemma to run around and they even let us blow bubbles! We forgot ours last weekend but The Island Shang right next door sells California Baby products and their Bubble Bath has a bubble wand inside!! Hours of enjoyment. We end the day with a coffee at Cova Coffee in Pacific Place. Saturday dinners are usually light so we can head out for dessert at Sift or The Grand Hyatt before meeting friends out.

Sundays are almost always spent in Kowloon at the Kowloon Cricket Club. We always take the Star Ferry from Central to TST and walk along Nathan Road counting how many times we will be asked to buy a copy watch or copy handbag. On our way to the Star Ferry we go to the kids section of Ocean Terminal to look at clothes and Toys at Toys R US. Sorry this family only buys the real deal! Since I love to cook I always make dinner on Sunday evening. My weekend wouldn’t be complete without an evening walk and frozen yogurt from Yogurtime.

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