27 August, 2015
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10 things you should know before moving to Hong Kong

27 August, 2015

Just touched down in Hong Kong? We’ve got tips for the newbies!


Preparing yourself for the big move to Hong Kong is exhausting. Primarily because you have so many farewell soirees and bon voyage parties to attend (what a drag, hey) you barely have enough time to pack. So, factoring in time to think about the changes that lie ahead is out of the question. Unfortunately, this may result in a massive freak out when touching down in HK for the first time, and everyone on the plane staring at the sobbing girl on row E14. Thankfully for you, I have been hard at work compiling a list that will give you a sneak peek into your new life before moving and, hopefully, prevent any weeping on board.


1. You will become an expert at navigating your way through secret doorways, unassuming side streets and rickety elevators in hunt of hidden bars, restaurants and rooftops that are tucked away in this concrete jungle.

2. The weather is a little manic over here, especially during the summer. One minute you’re basking in glorious sunshine … the next it’s raining so heavily your umbrella is rendered totally useless and your white dress is see-through. Brilliant. Oh, and there’s a typhoon on the way.

3. Whilst we’re on the topic of weather, black rain isn’t actually black. It’s just really heavy. You may laugh, but I had to google it.

10 things moving to hk - ladies night happy hour

4. Happy hours and Ladies Nights will dictate your evening plans. Oh wait, no. Happy hours that include free buffets will dictate your evening plans. And if someone mutters the words ‘Wan Chai Wednesdays’, you’d better write the next day off there and then. Nobody emerges without a deathly hangover.

5. Partying like a queen on a junk boat will become a weekly fix. Floating around in the ocean, surrounded by breath-taking views, and sipping on an ice cold beverage may seem like a dream. But in Hong Kong the dream can be yours. Every single weekend from April right through to September.

6. Stock up on tanning products before you arrive. Please girls, learn from my mistakes. Gradual tan in HK is like the Holy Grail. Accidentally covering yourself in skin lightening moisturiser for an entire week during the depths of December is neither helpful nor funny.


7. You will walk more than you’ve ever walked before. And just when you think you’ve done enough walking, someone will suggest a hike.

8. The jaw-dropping skyline is not all that Hong Kong has to offer. Not at all. This place also has sandy beaches and beautiful countryside tucked up its sleeve. All you’ve got to do is hop on a minibus, and within the hour you can be dipping your toes in the ocean.

9. You won’t accidentally become fluent in Cantonese, which is a real shame. However you will be able to rattle off ‘mind the doors please’ pitch perfect, because you hear the MTR woman say it a million times over on the daily commute.

10 things you need to know moving hk - skyline

10. You’ll never want to leave. The bright lights and busy streets will have you hooked after a couple of hours, and it just gets better the longer you stay. So hold off with any future plans.


You’re welcome ladies.

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