8 July, 2015
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5 Things We Hate and 5 Things We Love About Summer In Hong Kong

8 July, 2015

Summer has well and truly hit Hong Kong. It’s a season that we’ve got a love/hate relationship with in the 852… read on to see why.

5 Things We Hate About Summer in Hong Kong

5 things we hate 5 things we love hong kong summer heat

1. So. Damn. Hot. Can’t walk. 5 steps. Without breaking. Into an intense. Sweat. Ugh.

2. Umbrellas. Why – just why – do people insist on using these when it’s not even raining? Yes we know they protect your skin from UV rays, but what about suncream? We’re not fans of being poked in the eye on a boiling hot day by an umbrella, in case you couldn’t tell…

3. It’s so hot that you literally start wearing the thinest, skimpiest clothes you have. The logic is that by wearing less clothing the heat can escape from your skin quicker (very scientifically based, we know).  But then you enter any building/7-11/remotely indoor space and BAM. It’s like stepping into the Arctic tundra. Why didn’t I shove a cardigan in my bag?! Why didn’t I wear jeans? Where did these gale force air-con winds come from? And now I have a ‘summer cold‘. Perfect.

5 things we hate 5 things we love hong kong summer swim

4. You’ve finally booked your first junk trip of the season with a little help from our Junk Trip Guide. You’ve managed to actually get all your friends to pay you back, you’ve sorted out the music, agreed on where you’re going, booked the banana boat which that one friend always insists on having, and then… you check your Hong Kong Observatory app (see our other must-have HK apps here). “Squally thunderstorms”, “strong southerly winds” and that ominous Typhoon or Rainstorm warning, all schedule for the day of your trip. Game over.

5. Let me just head over to the nearest pool (chosen from this list of swimming spots) to cool off and have a relaxing leisurely swim – maybe even a zen-like, almost meditative sunbathing sesh… oh wait. All 7 million other residents of Hong Kong have had the same idea. Children are ‘bombing’ into the pool, someone’s foot is touching mine when I lie down to sunbathe, hello old man on Repulse Bay beach in a… g-string?!

5 Things We Love About Summer in Hong Kong

5 things we love 5 things we hate hong kong summer heart

Enough with the complaining! Hong Kong is the best city in the world (not that we’re biased or anything…), and the summer CAN be amazing! Here’s why:

1. When Hong Kong turns it on, it really does turn it on. When there’s not a cloud in the sky and the sunlight is streaming down, our city really does look spectacular. The sea in the harbour sparkles with the reflections from the skyscrapers, the view from The Peak is like your looking at it in HD, and the beaches and mountains seem crisper and clearer. It’s the perfect excuse for a drink or dinner at one of these al fresco spots – we could stare at our skyline all day and night!

2. Junk trips. Ok, they can be annoying to organise… but come on, they are part of the quintessential Hong Kong summer experience! And with new companies like Junks HK, sorting our your junk trip just gets easier and easier. Grab a huge group of friends and head out on the water for a day of sun, sea and sand. You can sail away to less explored beaches and islands, get active with water-sports, swim out to a relatively secluded beach (see our fave beaches hereand soak up the sunshine on the top deck as you sip on an ice-cold beer. This is living the dream!

5 things we hate 5 things we love hong kong summer junks

3. Holiday time! One of the best things about Hong Kong is that we’re so close to incredible, awe-inspiring Asian destinations. This is the best time of year to use up your weekends for quick trips away… tick off that Asian bucket list! With so many fascinating destinations at our doorstep (there are so many cheap flights available), why wouldn’t you make the most of the summer sun? And booking a complete holiday is even easier with the likes of Flight Centre and Kayak on hand, who can sort out everything from flights to accommodation and all the details in between. Don’t forget to check out Klook before you next escape for some awesome activities too, and of course The Luxe Nomad have you covered if you want to really splash out on something fabulous.

5 things we love 5 things we hate summer hong kong cocktails

4. Time to P-A-R-T-Y! Hong Kong turns up the heat with super fun parties and events around town during the summer. There are loads of concerts going on (just check out our July For Your Diary for a taste) and your weekends will be packed with things to do – you only have to glance at our Weekender to see that! The bars and restaurants are bringing out the summer specials and we love it. Check out Tropical Tuesdays at The Woods for a chilled out summer vibe and fruity cocktails, or go all out at the Shock Wave Summer Series Pool Parties at the funky W Hong Kong hotel. There are also some killer parties coming up for the American celebration of 4th July with Boomshack and Hop Leaf on Shek O beach and Little Burro and Stone Nullah Tavern in Wan Chai. See you there with a chilled margarita in hand!

5. Goodbye skinny jeans and jackets, hello teeny weeny, itsy bitsy polkadot bikini! Ok, maybe we’re not all dying to get into our bikinis just yet (especially after all those summer cocktails and cookouts…), but our wardrobes definitely need an update with the new season. And Hong Kong is killing it with the pop-up shops this summer. Head to The Beach Collective to snap some of our favourite beachwear brands (and hurry, today is the last day!) and don’t forget to check out the Green Monday Summer Carnival at PMQ this weekend. Look out for sales at Zara, Topshop and other stores around town, and if you need any more summer shopping inspiration our What Sassy Wants will have you coveting our favourite goodies of the season.

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