10 March, 2011

Your best accessory is your man… Introducing Mr. Porter

10 March, 2011

Sassy Style Blogger Anh encourages us to get in touch with our charitable sides this week, and shop for our men instead!

Sometimes we get so caught up in our own styling and fashion needs that we often forget that the man standing by our side also needs a bit of TLC every now and then. Unless you are my very good friend who is married to a very talented fashion designer, our men do need our help every now and then to make sure they look as good as we do.

Don’t get me wrong, my husband can be a pretty snazzy dresser when he wants to be. He subscribes to the less is more and quality over quantity school of thought so the man has a few outstanding items in his wardrobe.  However this doesn’t stop me from giving him the all-over every morning, and making comments like “your shoes don’t match today” or “I don’t think those jeans are the right colour”… And he is the designer in our relationship! Go figure.

Recently upon hearing about the launch of Mr Porter, I got very excited. I LOVE shopping for men’s clothes as much as I love shopping for my own. So needless to say, on a quiet Wednesday afternoon in the office, I had a sneaky peek. Next thing you know, I was clicking on things, adding to my basket and bam… It’s a full on summer wardrobe ready to go!

It was almost as good as clicking away for my own purchases as I was getting happy vibes from feeling less selfish and guilty about my recent shopping spree and I was doing a very good deed for my husband.  You all know what I am talking about!

Unlike Net-a-Porter, which can be totally bamboozling on any given shopping day, Mr Porter is very well mapped out and easy to navigate with fewer items.  The designers are well chosen, the items are selected for the modern man with a good smattering of high fashion and good old classic items that will always be needed. Lines are simple, clean and easy to wear without too much effort. There is also a section called “Men of the Moment” which focuses on iconic and stylish men and how they like to dress. Very cool indeed.

The pricing is also on point, especially in HK where most designer items can sometimes be double the price.

Mr Porter will be great for gifts. You can have each item wrapped and packaged in a very nice white box and tagged with your man’s name on it. Shipping is also very reasonable and the best thing of all is that if you do need to return any items, Mr Porter will arrange for DHL to collect the returned items free of charge.

Sassy Tip: Make sure you click on HK as the delivery country and you will notice that the price is 20% less, as it minuses the VAT so much cheaper !

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