12 May, 2010

Where have you lived?

12 May, 2010

Last Friday Maura, Hester and I went to the The Verandah in Repulse Bay to have afternoon tea with the friends that we made when we took the “At Home” class at the YWCA.  With everyone having such busy schedules, we try to make a point of getting together every couple of months to catch up and chat about how much has changed since we last saw one another.  Usually someone has big news to share….like being pregnant, starting a new job, or some other exciting event.

After a lovely time acting like proper ladies sipping tea, we decided to walk around and browse through the boutiques at Repulse Bay.  We came across Offspring, by the name you can already tell this store is for children!  It’s filled with all kinds of fantastic high-end toys and knick knacks. 

I actually found something in Offspring that I’m itching to bring home to my place;  a customizable stretched canvas painting that lists all the streets and cities where you’ve lived. For approxamently $2900 you can design your own with up to 14 lines.  I’ve seen versions of these in stores like Restoration Hardware and Pottery Barn, though they aren’t personalized.

Recently I moved to a new apartment and decided to go all out on my decorating.  I spent a lot of time trying to figure out my style and really focused on buying furniture and accessories to create the farm house look that I love.  The personalized canvas would look absolutely amazing in my family room! 

I’ve already figured out my 14 lines:

Miami, FL
Santa Monica, CA
Ocean Avenue
Maui, HI
Hanamanu Beach
Scottsdale, AZ
83rd Place
Dixileta Drive
May 19, 2007
Palm Beach, FL
Hong Kong
Peel Street
Hollywood Road
Stubbs Road

109 Repulse Bay Road
2812 2636

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