28 September, 2016
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Win A Ticket to the Spartan Race HK, The Most Epic Obstacle Race!

28 September, 2016

Crawl through mud, barbed wire and sprint to glory!


When we hear Spartan Race, we think of a few things; tough, rough and survival of the fittest! And then of course we thought of all of you. If there’s something we know about Sassy Girls after meeting hundreds of you over the last few years, we know you fit the description of always being up for a challenge! Strong is definitely the new skinny and gone are the days when these hardcore races were perceived as being male dominated. So we are taking the Spartan Race on this year and we want you all to come with us!

What is Spartan Race?

The Spartan Race is pioneering leader in the sport of obstacle racing, and will make its first ever appearance in Hong Kong this November… it’s set to be as challenging as ever! The event is named the “Spartan Sprint” which is their shortest distance race. It’s perfect for athletes of all levels; from Spartan first timers to seasoned racers. The 6km sprint may be their shortest distance race but it packs 20 signature Spartan obstacles along the way. Participants will be divided into a maximum of 200 people per heat and you can choose between three race categories; the Elite Section is comprised of athletes competing to win prize money, test themselves against the very best, attract potential sponsors and rise to the top of the Spartan Race Point Series, and the Open Race welcomes weekend warriors, novice athletes, first-name racers and all others!

Most of us aren’t professional athletes, so a few of our Sassy Girls here at the office will be signing up to the Open Race. It may seem intimidating when you see some of the obstacles (we’re talking crawling through mud, spear throwing and rope climbing to name but a few!) but it’s the perfect way to get out of your comfort zone and experience an amazing rush of adrenaline as you smash through the finish line!

Whatever category you choose, the Spartan Movement is more than a race; it’s a way of life. All participants will be offered training workshops and given nutrition tips leading up to the event in order to prepare them to be their best possible selves. And with the right training, focus and determination, we think you Sassy Girls can even rise above and come out on top!

Race Day Schedule:

7am-7.15am Elite Race (Male) departs

7.30-7.45am Elite Race (Female) departs

8.30am – 11.45am Open Race (Morning)

12pm – 3.30pm Open Race (Afternoon)

How do I enter?

All you have to do is fill out this online form and pay your fee (ranges from $790 – $1,190).

Elite Category Prizes:

For those brave men and women entering in to the Elite Category, awesome cash prizes are also up for grabs! Showcasing some serious strength and agility, Hong Kong’s top athletes will be battling it out for top dog…

  • Winner: Cash and products total value of $6,000
  • 1st Runner Up: Cash and products total value of $4,000
  • 2nd Runner Up: Cash and products total value of $2,000


Fancy taking part in this intense challenge?! Go on, challenge yourself and sign up or enter the giveaway below to win one of three single open category tickets that are up for grabs! Winners will be contacted on Wednesday, 5 October with an online registration code.

All the deets…

When: Sunday, 6 November
Where: Kam Tin Country Club, Shui Tau Rd, Hong Kong
How much: Tickets range between $790 – $1,190. Register here!\

Brought to you in partnership with the Spartan Race

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