16 August, 2016
a pair of gloves holding straws on the beach
a pair of gloves holding straws on the beach
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Sassy Supports: Hong Kong Cleanup

16 August, 2016
a pair of gloves holding straws on the beach

Cleaning up Hong Kong One Beach at a Time


One of the greatest things about Hong Kong is its beaches. However, as more people continue to go to our beautiful beaches, more garbage accumulates. As community members, we are responsible for taking care of our oceans and keeping them clean. Hong Kong is our home and we need to make sure we are looking after and protecting the environment as best we can!

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people holding rubbish bags on the beach

What is Hong Kong Cleanup? 

Hong Kong Cleanup is an organisation dedicated to cleaning and protecting the oceans that we love. Since 2000, Hong Kong Cleanup has engaged over 270,000 volunteers and cleaned over 22 million pieces of trash (amazing!). The organisation is dedicated to educating the schools, communities and government of Hong Kong on the importance of environmental protection and the increasing threat of climate change. There is no time to hesitate when it comes to being aware of the impact humans have had on the Earth we live in, and Hong Kong Cleanup’s mission is a step in the right direction.

people cleaning up rubbish from a hong kong beach

What do they do?

Hong Kong Cleanup organises multiples events throughout the year that encourages companies to set up team-building volunteer excursions to clean up the ocean together. It’s a great way to spend time with and get to know the colleagues you see Monday – Friday, day in and day out. Every year from 1 September – 1 December, Hong Kong Cleanup sets up a public Cleanup Challenge that encourages volunteers to sign up in groups (whether it be friends, family or coworkers) and compete with other teams to win medals at the annual awards ceremony. Of course, the competitive aspect is all in good fun, but it’s a great way to motivate volunteers to gather as much trash as possible!

people cleaning up rubbish off rocks in hong kong

How can you help? 

There are many ways to help with Hong Kong Cleanup. Firstly, consider signing up your office team for a volunteer excursion at a location of your choosing. It’s the ideal way to bond as a team while also doing some good for Hong Kong. Next, gather a couple of friends or family and sign up as a team to compete in the annual Cleanup Challenge beginning this September. Lastly, if you’d love to do more, feel free to email Hong Kong Cleanup and tell them you’d love to volunteer… there’s always something you can do to help!

rubbish floating in the sea in hong kong

We’ve only got one Earth and it’s our home, worthy of our time and dedicated care. Don’t wait until it’s too late to act – join us and get out there to help save the planet that has given so much to us. We want future generations to be able to enjoy Hong Kong’s beautiful beaches, nature trails, hikes and country parks!


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