2 January, 2023
Team Sassy's New Year's Resolutions 2023
Team Sassy's New Year's Resolutions 2023
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Team Sassy’s 2023 New Year’s Resolutions

2 January, 2023
Team Sassy's New Year's Resolutions 2023

What New Year’s resolutions do you hope to accomplish this year?

2022 has had its ups and downs, but ultimately we’ve made it through another year relatively unscathed! And regardless of whether you ditched last year’s resolutions within the month, or are still working on them even now (hats off to you!), we’re entering January with high hopes and even bigger dreams. It’s time to hit the ground running and kickstart a brand new year brimming with ambition. In need of a little inspiration? Read on for Team Sassy’s New Year’s resolutions and all that we hope to accomplish – 2023, we’re coming for ya!

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Kiran – Hike Hong Kong’s Five Highest Peaks

My New Years’ resolution is to challenge myself to tackle Hong Kong’s five highest peaks. This year, I would like to be closer to the nature, and train my mind, body and soul to be more resilient. This would also help me tick off some of the trails in the “Hiking Journal” I got from the Lion Rock Press last Christmas.

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Fashila – Make Me A Priority

My New Year’s resolution is to make room for more me-time and to show myself more love and appreciation. I want to take myself out to the cinema, to a nice dinner, to yoga, set some time aside to explore photography and truly cultivate my hobbies. And by doing so, I want to edge more and more out of my comfort zone and say “yes” more.

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Quenby – Use Tech More Mindfully

I’ve already eliminated almost all of the unnecessary notifications and make sure I turn on Do Not Disturb mode whenever I need to focus on work, but sometimes still find myself spending hours clicking on videos, then ending up feeling really bad about it. In the new year, I want to try to be more mindful about using my phone and put it away for 2 hours at night before I go to bed.

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Team Sassy's New Year's Resolutions 2023: Read More

Sakina – Put Aside Time To Read More

I don’t usually set New Year’s resolutions — I actually like to keep one around Lunar New Year to give myself that time to see how I feel — but in 2023, I want to put aside time every week for myself to just sit and read, whether it’s articles I’ve bookmarked or a novel I’ve been meaning to get to. I started to do that in October 2022 and it’s been so wonderful to discover new books I’ve missed out on. It’s simple but it’s actually also one way of giving myself some downtime to avoid burning out and crashing.

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Najuka – Take Care Of Myself

Over the years, I’ve realised that I’m happiest when I’m taking care of myself, so my New Years’ resolution is to actively make time to take care of my physical and mental health every day. In the past, I’ve been guilty of skipping workouts, eating unhealthy food and not checking in with myself simply because of being too busy with work or overly filling up my social calendar. In 2023, I’d like to make my workout schedule a priority, journal more often and spend more time with myself.

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Nicole – Wear My Natural Curls More

This year, I’m giving my hair permission to do its thing. And by that, I mean be it’s wild, unruly self. I’ve spent too much of my life trying to tame my rebellious locks with a straightening iron and am hereby jumping on the “curly hair journey” train in an attempt to rekindle a love for my natural curls.

Team Sassy's New Year's Resolutions 2023: Make More Me Time

Jess – More “Me Time”

Less a resolution but more an affirmation – “me-time”. In 2022 by necessity, I had to put a lot of things before myself. In 2023, my aim is to prioritise my time and make more space for the things I love.

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April – Live More Sustainably

My New Year’s resolutions are to live more sustainably, eat out less and cook more at home. Overall, living healthier and more ethically.

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