Adopt Don’t Shop: SPCA Hong Kong

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Uno (4-year-old Male Mastiff Cross)

Location: Kowloon Centre

Don’t let Uno’s tough appearance fool you, he’s a big sweet heart! Uno loves being around people and enjoys being taken out for walks, with good belly rubs going a long way! Shy with other dogs, Uno is best suited for a family that doesn’t have other pets, but who do have experience taking care of larger breeds.

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Name: Roxy (4-year-old female Doberman)

Location: Kowloon Centre

Don’t be intimidated by her size, Roxy is a friendly giant! With a love of chasing balls, she has a soft side that shines when waiting for treats! Roxy gets somewhat agitated and nervous around other dogs so she would be best suited for a home without other pups.

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BB (1-year-old female Mongrel)

Sadly abandoned by her previous owner, BB had a rough start to life. Her sweet and optimistic attitude is infectious to those around her and she would make the perfect best friend for young families to grow up with.


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Tammy (7-year-old Shiba Inu Cross)

Location: Hong Kong Centre

Poor Tammy has encountered a series of unfortunate events in her life. She has spent the majority of her time as a guard dog, fending for herself in a remote village. She came into the centre with a swollen face and dog bites all over her body. Adding salt to her wounds, her owner heartbreakingly abandoned her due to her high maintenance costs. Tammy would make a seriously loyal companion to her adopter.

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Martha (2-year-old Domestic Short Hair)

Location: Hong Kong Centre

Perfectly ‘imperfect,’ Martha came to the SPCA through the Cat Colony Care Programme. She unfortunately had cat flu and conjunctivitis that required immediate medical treatment, but Martha has since recovered and is now waiting for her forever home.

She enjoys lazy afternoon naps under the sun and loves playing with her visitors. As a cat flu carrier, Martha at times may have a runny nose and sneeze, and although now recovered she will sadly remain a carrier. Families with healthy cats may not be the best place for poor Martha as she’s potentially infectious.

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Betty (1-year-old Mongrel)

Location: Hong Kong Centre

Shy and adorable, Betty came to the SPCA from the AFCD. She needs a little time to warm up, but if you are patient enough she will be all over you in no time. Betty would make a great addition to any family.

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Dinner (2-year-old Domestic Short Hair)

Location: Hong Kong Centre

One-eyed Dinner came to the SPCA after spending time some at the Cat Colony Care Programme. His carer thought she was friendly and brought her to the adoption centre in the hopes of finding him a forever home. Dinner loves to be surrounded by people and is always ready to strike a cute pose. He enjoys spending his days napping and occasionally chasing toys.


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Mui Mui (1-year-old Mongrel)

Location: Hong Kong Centre

Mui Mui is yet another saddening case of pet abandonment. Sweet and playful in nature, Mui Mui loves going on walks and is up for any challenge. She may need some time to build up her trust as her last adopter really broke her heart, but she would be great in any home.

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Location: Hong Kong Centre

Hola! Diego was recently rescued from the streets by SPCA inspectors. He is very gentle despite his serious appearance, and deep down he is as sweet as sugar. He loves to go on walks and gets very excited when meeting new visitors at the centre. Diego would be a fun addition to any family!

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Siu Fu (2-year-old Mongrel)

Location: Hong Kong Centre

Siu Fu or “little tiger,” is a long-term resident at the SPCA. Sadly, as he has been there for some time, he’s quite stressed. Siu Fu is sensitive to people and other dogs, but with time he will make a loyal companion. He would be perfect for a quiet home where he can chill out and relax.

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