15 December, 2023
AIA Carnival 2023, The World Circus: AIA Wheel
AIA Carnival 2023, The World Circus: AIA Wheel
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AIA Carnival Returns This December: 25+ Rides, The World Circus, Fireworks & More

15 December, 2023
AIA Carnival 2023, The World Circus: AIA Wheel scoop

Hong Kong’s much-loved winter pastime, the AIA Carnival, returns to the Central Harbourfront after a four-year wait!

The acrobats are limbering up and the rides are packed and ready, which can only mean one thing. The AIA Carnival is set to return to its prime position on the Central Harbourfront (after a four-year wait!), opening its gates at 4pm on Thursday, 21 December, 2023 and staying in town through the major holidays of Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Valentine’s Day and Chinese New Year. Promising to be bigger than ever, scroll through to find out what the new edition has in store for us.

What To Expect At The AIA Carnival 2023

New attractions and special events will pop up throughout the season, keeping it fresh and exciting each time you visit, but there are a few things that will be here to stay for the entire duration of the carnival.

AIA Carnival 2023, The World Circus: Rides

Thrilling Rides

Strap yourself into the Wave Swinger and soar high above the city, with topsy-turvy views of the glittering harbour. With over 25 rides to choose from this year, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Live Music At The Community Stage

If you want somewhere to sit and chill, stick around the Community Stage to catch some great live music, performance art, interactive sporting events and local community acts.

AIA Carnival 2023, The World Circus: UBS The World Circus

UBS Presents The World Circus

Come on, come all to the Big Top tent, and don’t miss your chance to witness some jaw-dropping acts at The World Circus. You can expect some new and exciting feats by talents from all over the world. Motorbike riders from Kazakstan, clowns from Costa Rica, and acrobats from Kenya and Columbia — this show will have you on the edge of your seats.

AIA Carnival 2023, The World Circus: Games

Fun Games For All

Whether you’ve got a knack for shooting hoops, tossing rings or rolling balls, there are many ways to win a special prize to bring home as a keepsake! We heard there are over one million plush toys up for grabs so you’re bound to get lucky…

Front-Row Seats For The NYE & CNY Fireworks

It’s been five years since we’ve seen fireworks light up the harbour. This year, attendees of the AIA Carnival will get the best vantage point to watch the highly anticipated New Year’s Eve and Chinese New Fireworks shows.

AIA Carnival At Central Harbourfront

Date: Thursday, 21 December, 2023 to Sunday, 25 February, 2024
Time: 12pm to 10pm (off-peak days)/11am to 11pm (standard and peak days)
Where: Central Harbourfront Event Space, 9 Lung Wo Road, Central, Hong Kong
How much: $140 to $160 for an adult advance ticket ($160 to $180 at the gate) – buy tickets online

AIA Carnival, Facebook: AIA Carnival, Instagram: @aiacarnival, www.aiacarnival.com

Brought to you in partnership with AIA Carnival.

All images courtesy of AIA Carnival.

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