20 October, 2010
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What will you be for Halloween?

20 October, 2010

Halloween is just around the corner which means there are sure to be loads of Halloween parties, masquerades and craziness.  Although I’ve been living in Hong Kong for nearly 3 years, I’ve  never been lucky enough to actually experience the spooky holiday in Hong Kong.  I always hear about all the lengths people go to coming up with elaborate and over the top costumes.  Of course I also always hear about all the fun parties and the crowded streets of LKF as well.

If you’re in search of a great costume and prefer something more than the typical wigs and masks on Pottinger Street, then definitey check out Matteo Party in Causeway Bay. We told you about Matteo Party back in March during the Hong Kong Sevens (probably the most important time of year to play dress up in Hong Kong!). Well, at Matteo Party you’ll find thousands of top quality costumes for men and women whether you want to look like a sexy siren or your favourite 1980’s rock-star, they’ve got it all.  If you’ve got kids, you’ll want to bring them along as well because Matteo Party has all kinds of fab kids costumes like Sponge Bob Square Paints and all the characters from Toy Story. In fact, if you’re planning on hosting your own party, Matteo also carries decorations, balloons and tableware….and they can deliver the items to you for the big day, so no need to worry about trying to cram everything into a taxi!

Once again I will unfortunately be missing Halloween in Hong Kong.  I’ll actually be in Miami, FL celebrating my niece Olivia’s second birthday.

Have fun!

Matteo Party
3/F, 530-532 Jaffe Road
Causeway Bay

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