21 October, 2010

Prada Initials Tote

21 October, 2010

Everyone needs a good tote bag especially in Hong Kong where you’re often having to walk around town either carrying your groceries or lugging your gym shoes between work and home. I’ve been known to use recycled Dymocks bags and even my canvas ParknShop bag as a carry all for all the things I “must”  have with me!  While these bags may be practical, they aren’t exactly stylish.  Prada has just come out with the solution to help update my tote bag needs; the Prada Initials Tote.

Renee Zellweger with the Prada Initial Tote

The Prada Initials Tote is absolutely perfect for the girl on the go.  This practical and adorable messenger style tote bag made of Prada’s classic tessuto and saffiano fabric is extra special because you can add your initials to the bag.  The letters are available in an array of designs, colours, styles and are so fun because they’re actually made of a type of polished brass rather than boring fabric or painted on. You have the option to place the letters anywhere on the bag that you’d like.

Kate Winslet with the Prada Initials Tote

I kind of think that the Prada Initial Tote would make the ideal carry-on bag filled with your favourite gossip magazines, iPod and snacks. If you’ve got an upcoming baby shower you could always give the tote as a gift to be used as a really cool diaper bag.  The uses are truly endless….this definitely gets added to my wish list!

You can get your very own Prada Initial Tote for about $4300, the initials are extra at approx. $230 each and you’re allowed a max of two. Select Prada boutiques will be carrying the bags about mid November.

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