25 April, 2016

Zarie DREAM leggings on Next Chapter: The Ultimate Toning Leggings

25 April, 2016

Leggings with Benefits!

We love the how many creative, talented and ambitious women live in this city. Hong Kong is home to some amazing female entrepreneurs and Next Chapter, a crowd-funding website specifically for women-owned business, is ensuring that women keep getting the opportunities to pursue their professional dreams. We gave you the lowdown on Next Chapter and a quick intro to Zarie here, but this new athleisure brand is seriously on our must-have list…

What’s special about Zarie leggings?

Firstly – who doesn’t love wearing a pair of leggings? They stretchy pants act as a second skin and are oh-so comfortable and easy to move in. Zarie DREAM pants go one step further though and are not only ultra comfy, but also actively help enhance the toning and slimming of your legs. The special fabric uses active cosmetic ingredients like caffeine and retinol to improve the skin and sculpt the lower body. If you’re stuck in the office all day behind a desk or frequently travel on long haul flights, these leggings will actually help reduce the risk of poor blood circulation, bloating and the build up of cellulite. We’re sold!

Who’s behind the brand?

Comfy leggings that actually help tone and slim your legs? Are they too good to be true? Think again, as the brains behind this new brand, Stephanie Poon, has been a lingerie and swimwear designer for over 5 years and knows what she’s talking about. Not only is she skilled in the art of design, creating pieces that are super flattering, but after discovering this special fabric she’s also tried and tested her leggings to achieve the best product possible. This ambitious female entrepreneur is definitely one to keep and eye on!

Support Zarie Leggings on Next Chapter!

If you like the sound of these innovative DREAM leggings and want to help Stephanie achieve her own business dreams, then check out the Next Chapter campaign. It’s all about women supporting women… let’s go girls!


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