8 February, 2017
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H-Kore Mega Six Program: Classes, Nutrition and Physio

8 February, 2017

6 Weeks, 30 Classes and A New You!

If you’re anything like me, the holidays are a time for overindulging, so by the time January and Chinese New Year comes around, I feel as if I’m quite literally rolling into the new year! And after working so hard to get into tip top shape for my wedding a couple of months ago, I wanted to think about the holidays differently and not throw all of my fitness gains out the window. Knowing this would be no easy task, I signed up for H-Kore’s Mega Six program. Girls, if you haven’t yet heard of H-Kore, let me fill you in…

As the only standing Lagree Fitness studio in the 852, H-Kore’s methods are designed to quickly (and safely) tone and tighten your muscles, with an aggressive approach to full body conditioning using only one machine! Home to several Megaformer machines, your workout is comprised of a single carriage (or platform) that can be pushed, pulled and lunged on in series of slow moving exercises for an intense full body workout.

Girl using megaformer

I don’t claim to be a top athlete by any means, but I do consider myself to be generally fit. I love working out and love trying all different types of exercises. So when I walked into my first H-Kore class at the start of the six week program, I naively thought that it wouldn’t be that hard (I mean it’s only one machine, right?) Boy was I wrong! The Megaformer really works your entire body unlike any other workout I have ever tried. Toning muscles which I had no idea even existed, the first class was definitely a humbling experience as I could barely complete some of the exercises, but the key is to stick with it. And at the end of the six weeks, I am really proud to say that I could successfully complete many of the moves that I could barely touch in the beginning!

We have all heard the phrase “Abs are made in the kitchen”, and with H-Kore being the fitness experts that they are, they understand that exercise and proper nutrition go hand in hand. So they’ve also partnered with Nutrition Kitchen make sure that your program has a well-equipped nutrition plan too. Convenient for busy girls on-the-go, the food is actually super tasty and I would look forward to receiving my days worth of food every morning before heading to work!

Nutrition Kitchen Meals

Another component of H-Kore’s Mega Six program was a great discount at Joint Dynamics – Hong Kong’s first studio that combines physiotherapy, manual therapy and personal training all in one place. I signed up for several massage therapy sessions and not only did they feel great but they were very helpful in improving my posture and alleviating some back pain that I had been having.

Between the killer classes at H Kore, the delicious (and healthy!) meals from Nutrition Kitchen AND the massage therapy from Joint Dynamics, I am proud to say I avoided the typical holiday weight gain. Of course I indulged here and there, but it really is all about balance and that is what this program taught me!

How much: $8,400 – inclusive of 24 H-Kore classes (5 per week for 6 weeks), regular nutritional support, 30% off sports massage and stretch therapy at Joint Dynamics and up to 20% off Nutrition Kitchen. Keen? H-Kore are launching MegaSix 2017 for the second time, starting from Monday, 13 February – Monday, 20 March. Click here to sign up!

H-Kore, 3F Wincome Center, 39 Des Veoux Road, Central, Hong Kong, 2441 9000, www.h-kore.com

Joint Dynamics, 5th floor, Asia Standard Tower, 59-65 Queens Road, Central, Hong Kong, 2762 0528, www.jointdynamics.com.hk

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