8 February, 2017
diamond registery pink diamon
diamond registery pink diamon
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Sassy’s Guide to Investing in Gems and Diamonds with The Diamond Registry

8 February, 2017
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Diamonds are Forever

We’re all guilty of spending a small fortune on a gorgeous designer handbag that we simply can’t live without, but short of buying accessories and clothes that are (obviously!) an ‘investment’, have you thought about your future assets, girls? Looking beautifully sparkly on our fingers, and arguably one of the most sought-after gemstones, diamonds are a seriously worthwhile way to back your finances. And offering up dazzling rocks at wholesale prices, The Diamond Registry is here to share free advice and guidance about investing as well as savings of up to 50% on GIA-certified diamonds ​cultivated ​worldwide.

Unsure of where to begin? Knowledge is power, ladies and we’re letting you in on the industry’s best kept secrets

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Why Should I Invest in a Diamond?

The rich and the royals have been investing in diamonds since the dawn of time! And although we may not be adorned with jeweled crowns and diamond-studded scepters (just yet!), why not invest in something that you keep forever, but also wear? Diamonds are the most concentrated form of wealth and with the proper certifications, they’re widely accepted across the world and easily liquidated. Made from natural resources, they’re a stable and steady way to invest, unaffected by environmental and political change; the value is only set to increase as demand for these gems also increase over time.

But best all, they’re sentimental! An intangible asset that can be passed down from generation to generation, they hold meaning and memory as well as long term financial security.

How Does it Work?

Before making any commitments, ask for advice! The Diamond Registry’s team is always here to answer any of your questions, helping you to learn more about the investment process and guiding you in the right direction. Take some time to learn more about the stone you’re after, understand how your investment can cater to your needs and when you’re ready, set up an investment portfolio! Seek guidance from an expert and lay all of your options based on your personal objectives right in front of you.

There’s no need to rush! When you’re ready, choose your investment piece and think about how you would also like to keep the diamond. Whether you’re keeping it as something special for yourself, or prefer to store it for safe keeping, do your research on specific storage facilities in Hong Kong and how the process of retrieving your diamond works. If you so choose to redeem your investment at any time, be sure to have it analysed and the profits calculated for a maximum return!

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Tips and Tricks

  • Spend time with a seasoned expert or specialist – no one expects you to become diamond-savvy overnight!
  • Stay in the loop. Keep up to date with the market and take note of how it fluctuates; the value of diamonds tends to increase the longer you hold on to your gem.
  • Ensure that your diamonds are GIA certified! Doing so will secure the value should you choose to sell it in the future.
  • Opt for a round diamond. Round settings are timeless, always in demand, valued higher and can be auctioned or traded at steeper costs. Think long term, girls.
  • If your budget permits, consider a coloured diamond. Not only are they rare and beautiful to look at, but are incredibly sought after! The more intense the colouring, the more valuable it is.
  • Invest in loose diamonds rather than those which are already mounted. You’ll then be free to design a custom piece and won’t be tied to old trends. Plus, when you’re having your diamond valued, the characteristics are much more visible during inspection and certification.

How can The Diamond Registry’s Team help?

They know their diamonds! Having been on the scene since 1961, they’ve been offering expert advice and insider tips to their customers for years. Book a free consultation with one of their trained gemologists who can help you to create your own investment portfolio and help you to source from a variety of locations that can then be shipped for free and viewed prior to making any purchases. The Diamond Registry operate internationally and can source from the worldwide diamond manufactory inventory, giving you the opportunity to find the perfect diamond for you budget and enjoy savings of up to 50% on certified, wholesale diamonds.

sassy perk

Ready to find your perfect rock? The Diamond Registry is giving away an exclusive bottle of Sparkling Champagne, specially imported from France (and can’t be found here in Honkers!) to celebrate the purchase of your diamond! Simply mention that you’re a Sassy Girl in store to redeem a bottle of bubbly!


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