10 August, 2017
Bollywood Dance Class Hong Kong
Bollywood Dance Class Hong Kong
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Bollywood on Hollywood: Hong Kong’s Newest Fitness Trend

10 August, 2017
Bollywood Dance Class Hong Kong

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District: Hollywood Road, Central (classes run every Thursday at 7.30pm)
How much: $150 per person for a one-hour class. Email [email protected] for bookings.
Best For: Team bonding sessions and serious laughs with friends

Forget weighted squats, drop it like it’s hot and shimmy your way to fitness with Hong Kong’s newest Bhangra dance craze, Bollywood on Hollywood! Led by Britain’s Got Talent semi-finalist, Saajan Raja, each class focuses on learning and choreographing a dance that will not only refresh your repetitive gym routine, but have you burning some serious cals.

Bollywood dancing is fun, vibrant, and this essence is captured in one-hour classes which keep things fresh as you learn a different technique every week. From traditional, intricate and classical Indian choreography, to street, hip-hop and contemporary styles we can hold testament to the fact that you will leave laughing and uplifted (albeit rather sweaty…)

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Bollywood on Hollywood Dance Class

Name: Bea, Graphic Designer
Experience Level: So I *Think* I Can Dance
Favourite (Dance) Move: Windshield Wipers!
During the class, I felt… like I could do this all day.
Afterward, I felt… that an hour of cardio, giggling and ultimately, good times was more than enough (I did not, in fact, have the stamina to go “all day.”)
In an Emoji: 🙊

Name: Surmayee, Partnerships Manager, Sassy Hong Kong
Experience Level: I. Love. To. Dance.
Favourite (Dance) Move: Anything that involved shaking my hips a whole lot.
During the class, I felt… super relaxed! To be fair, I was familiar with the song and have danced Bollywood, among other genres, plenty of times before so I was quite comfortable in the class. Saaj did a great job of making sure that we were all at ease throughout the class, which ensured that we all had a fantastic time getting our groove on. Take an evening off and grab a group of friends – be warned however, lots of laughter can lead to forgetting key steps… #guilty
Afterward, I felt… energised! The endorphin rush was just what I needed to reset after quite an intense morning at work.
In an Emoji: 💃

Name: Manishka, Editorial Intern, Sassy Hong Kong
Experience Level: I took ballet when I was five?
Favourite (Dance) Move: Shimmy shimmy yay, shimmy yay, shimmy ya
During the class, I felt… I found the class eye opening (we literally danced facing a mirror) and I was able to experience first-hand what a terrible dancer I am. However, the whole process was a blast and even induced an additional ab workout from all the laughing.
Afterward, I felt… I probably should have brought extra clothes because that was definitely my cardio for the day checked off the list!
In an Emoji: 🤘

Bollywood on Hollywood Dance Class

Name: Simran, Head of Brand Partnerships, Sassy Hong Kong
Experience Level: Only as far as dancing at Indian weddings can take me
Favourite (Dance) Move: definitely the squat Bhangra moves
During the class, I felt… like I was getting a workout and a dance routine within 45 minutes!
Afterward, I felt… burned out!
In an Emoji: 💯

Name: Elle, Partnerships Manager, Sassy Hong Kong
Experience Level: Moves like Jagger
Favourite (Dance) move: Pull the towel!
During the class I felt: Like I couldn’t stop giggling! Saaj made the class super fun and embraced all our levels of dance (including our awkward moves in the wrong direction). The class was a great lunchtime workout and I’d love to go back with a group of friends!
Afterward, I felt: Like team building should always involve some Bhangra!
In an Emoji: 🤗

Name: Najuka, Editorial Intern, Sassy Hong Kong
Experience Level: Been Bollywood dancin’ since I learned how to walk
Favourite (Dance) move: The ‘Come Dance With Us’
During the class I felt: Excited to learn a new style of Bollywood dance! Although I’ve been dancing to Bollywood tunes since I was a little girl, I had never tried Bhangra (a Punjabi folk dance) style. But Saaj made it fun and super easy to learn!
Afterward, I felt: Like a Bhangra pro (…sort of)
In an Emoji: 🏆

Name: Mansha, Partnerships Manager, Sassy Mama Hong Kong
Experience Level: I never miss a chance to dance 😉
Favourite (Dance) move: Bhangra shoulder swing
During the class I felt: Aside from all the laughter, it was full of energy and so much fun! Saaj made me feel comfortable the minute I walked through the door and is a fantastic teacher, making learning all those Bhangra moves a breeze. It was an action packed class and great to take with a bunch of friends.
Afterward, I felt: Like I had had a proper workout, definitely a fun cardio alternative!
In an Emoji: 👊

Bollywood on Hollywood, 108 Hollywood Road, Central, Hong Kong, www.facebook.com/SaajBollywoodDance

Featured image sourced via Unsplash

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