10 July, 2015

Wardrobe Essentials We Swear By

10 July, 2015

Wardrobe essentials is a term often banded about nowadays. Fundamental garments that underpin your wardrobe because they combine practical with polish. Fundamental does not mean boring or staid however. Every gal needs to gently update her classics from time to time. Remember these garments make an impact through their simple precision. It’s about quiet sophistication, not an outrageous design moment. Think evolution rather than revolution.

A few tips when shopping for the essential pieces:

  • These items should always reflect your personal style which will translate to multiple wears. This is not the moment to invest heavily in a trend.
  • Balance your proportions – it’s not the latest seasons cut but the one that flatters you most. These items should feel like you can “grab and go”.
  • Fabric matters – these clothes are to be worn time and again. Go for a better material that will hold its shape on you and after countless washes.
  • Fit – spend time trying on options and build in time for minor alterations. An inch really does make a difference to the overall silhouette.


What you have the in wardrobe           What you need for an update

– Black blazer                                                        – Sleeveless jacket

– Pencil skirt                                                          – Midi-length skirt

– White shirt                                                          – Draped top

– Black trousers                                                     – Jumpsuit

– Little black dress                                                – Matching separates

To help you get your checklist updated, here are some picks that will join your wardrobe favourites!



Not a one season wonder – still appearing on a runway near you! They can be as versatile as your long sleeved blazer and dressed up or down. Make sure that the length of the jacket is in proportion to your height for the most flattering fit (leave the longer lengths to the catwalk). Wear open for more formal events (a bit like a dress coat) and go for a tie belt over the top for this seasons look.

Runway inspiration: Isabel Marant, Helmut Lang, Acne



A midi-length has the attraction of being ladylike and alluring at the same time. Midi is all relative and if you are on the shorter side then aim to have the hemline just below the knee. If you’re not keen on your ankles go for a front or asymmetric slit to detract from them. All of these nuances add a touch of interest but will not heavily date a piece. Pick the one that reflects your style best.

Runway Inspiration: Victoria Beckham, Jason Wu, Wes GordonTibi



A crisp white shirt always feels like it adds refinement to any outfit. A soft white top which has a slight (and flattering) drape to it will add the same effect. It can be casual or formal and touches on the “sports luxe” feel that pervades our modern dress code.

Runway Inspiration: Helmut Lang, Tibi



As seen on the red carpet recently at Cannes. Jumpsuits can take you anywhere just like your trusted black trousers. Avoid the boiler suit option which will date and is a more difficult shape to pull off. Do not be put off by a print (choose a dark background for versatility). It will give you a change from solid colour without being too dramatic.

Runway Inspiration: Iro, Band of Outsiders



Add a little twist to the basic dress option and go for matching separates. A contemporary take on the LBD that still looks pulled together. Try a neutral tone head to toe as an alternative to black for a sleek look. The added bonus with separates is you can hone in on your best asset.

Runway Inspiration: Elizabeth and James, Philip Lim 3.1, Tibi

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