22 April, 2010
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Veggie SF – A Vegetarian Option on Stanley St.

22 April, 2010

Happy Earth Day! In honor of Earth Day’s 40th anniversary I just decided I am going vegetarian for the day. Lately I have been thinking of trying to go a whole month without eating meat so I figured today is the best day to consciously start removing meat from my diet. I am hoping after today I will be motivated to try it for a whole month. My goal at the end of the day is not to become a full fledged vegetarian but to be able to incorporate more veggie options into my diet so it is not so dominated by meat. You know the saying…every little bit counts.

Anyway, the reason for this post is not about my diet. I wanted to tell you about a really cool veggie restaurant we ate at yesterday. We had lunch with the lovely Ana Scherer (from NRG Coaching) and since she is a vegetarian she suggested that we try out Veggie SF which is a semi-new restaurant on Stanley Street. As soon as you walk in you are transported to the 1950’s in America (specifically San Francisco, hence the name). There are knick knacks of the era all over the brightly coloured restaurant and we sat near this really pretty yellow dress that was just hanging on the wall like art – it was really cute.

Veggie SF was opened by Paul and Bess Choi because they realized how hard it was to find vegetarian options in a city that prides itself on its seafood and meat. The menu is filled with all types of cuisine – they have food inspired by Japan, Taiwan, The US etc… I ordered the “Veggie Wonton Villa” (mushroom pate Wonton with Tomato sauce), Natalie had the “I am Fabulous” (Beetroot pate Cheese Burger with Potato Wedges and Salad) and Ana had the “Union Square” (Veggie Lasagna). Each one of our meals came with Beetroot Ginger Soup and a beverage.

I thought the food was pretty good but nothing to rave about. For me it was so refreshing to be in such a unique setting and have another vegetarian option in the city and I definitely devoured what was put in front of me. The soup was nice but I felt that the flavor was a bit too subtle for my liking and I enjoyed my Veggie Wontons but would have preferred another sauce instead of the tomato sauce. Natalie and Ana seemed very happy with their dishes and I can’t decide which meal I will get the next time I go because they both looked really good. Natalie did say that the burger didn’t taste anything like a burger and we were forewarned  because prior to ordering Ana said, “only order the burger if you like beet”!

I am definitely going to go back and am even contemplating making a reservation there again for lunch or dinner since I am going veggie for the day! I suggest making a reservation because it fills up fast especially during lunch hours.

Veggie SF is definitely worth checking out and it resides in a building with a different restaurant on each floor so if you end up going next week you may see us…our new goal is to try out a different floor each day!

Veggie SF
10/F 11 Stanley Street, Central
3902 3902
Mon-Sat (12pm-3pm & 6:30-9pm)

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