16 June, 2014

Ultimate Performance Hong Kong: the Ultimate wedding workout

16 June, 2014

Ultimate Performance is a London-based gym that’s come to Hong Kong and they’ve definitely proven that their transformation programmes are for people serious about making a lifestyle change. Each individualised programme includes 24-hour lifestyle guidance, intense workouts and their team of trainers work together to contribute to each client’s program. With 20 trainers from around the world with backgrounds in various sports, UP (Ultimate Performance) initially started running group classes and weight training sessions for beginners and experienced gym-bunnies. I had the pleasure and pain of taking their strength-based and female fat loss group classes to kick-start my pre-wedding workout. To ensure that each client achieves their fitness goals, they keep group sizes limited and sometimes have two trainers running the classes.


The gym offers state of the art equipment like Olympic platforms, lower body machines and cable options to name just a few, as well as an indoor track for other intensive exercises. You don’t have to worry if nothing makes any sense at first because their capable team demonstrates and explains how to use each piece of equipment safely.


The strength class was definitely more my style- an intense, non-stop circuit of workouts on the machines and in a mixed group. The trainers are constantly going from person to person to ensure you’re maintaining a good posture, a full range of motion and most importantly no cheating! Cheating equals punishment and extra time for the group. What I love about UP is the 20 metre indoor track. At the end of a session, you can’t help but scream and cheer your gym-buddies on as they speed down it. Needless to say, I needed a long hot shower and a massage after the session.


The Female Fat Loss class is a great introduction for ladies new to weight training. The classes have a great sense of community and all with the focus of a private session. With four girls in the group, we pushed through a routine combining the equipment, free weights and a mat for body weight exercises. There were more chances to rest in this group class, but it was just as intense! When it comes to their one-on-one sessions all the trainers at Ultimate Performance help their clients achieve body composition results depending on what the clients’ goals. Training can focus on strength (get bulky), muscle building (hypertrophy), and endurance (lean and toned). At Ultimate Performance, lifestyles are created and people really see a change in how they live their lives outside the gyms. What I learned after twelve weeks is that when you find a balance in your lifestyle, you don’t need indulgent meals if you enjoy everything in moderation and train hard to be healthy and strong. A tip from trainer Todd Scott: “Meal frequency, avoiding alcohol and good sleep are the most important components for great results!” Surely us Sassy Girls should be are allowed a few glasses of bubbly while training though? Your first group class is $120. Mention Sassy for a complimentary first class! Ultimate Performance, 5/F Asia Standard Tower, 59-65 Queen’s Road Central, Hong Kong, 2798 9000, www.upfitness.com.hk

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