5 Bucket List Adventures in Australia

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Race Car Driving

If being a spectator doesn’t get your pulse racing, then it’s time to kick it up a notch and take on the hot lap challenge. V8 works with a number of Supercar Drivers like Steve White, Shane Price, and Marcus Zukanovic to deliver hair-raising hot laps around Sydney Motorsport Park. You will be strapped in the driver’s seat and guided through the experience via an intercom. Grip tight and enjoy the on-track thrill as you tear up the tarmac like James Hunter or Niki Lauda and watch as the surroundings blend into a blur. If you want to live out your racing fantasies, but don’t have what it takes to master the beast, then jump into the passenger seat of a competition drift car offered by Drift School Australia to get a taste of controlled chaos.

Where: All over Australia, with major racetracks in Gold Coast, Eastern Greek and Sandown Raceway
Best Time to Go: Australia has pretty good weather all year round, but try to avoid the rainy season in June as it could be too wet to race. 
How much: Both hot laps and drift experiences are priced between AUD 200-450

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Jaws can most definitely be blamed for portraying sharks as the most deadly of predators (even though you are more likely to be struck by lightning than attacked by a shark!), but if you are a self-proclaimed daredevil, then I challenge you to plunge into their territory! Calypso Charter in Port Lincoln uses natural fish berley to attract Great White Sharks and offers you an immersive shark sighting experience. Don’t worry, you will be safely lowered in a shark-proof steel cage, so just try to relax and take in the awesome sight of these millions of years old giants.

Where: Neptune Islands Marine Park, Port Lincoln
Best time to go: Shark sightings are never guarenteed, however experts reckon that you will have the best chance from May through to July.
How much: AUD 495 (price includes wetsuit, hood, boots, gloves and mask hire)

Ed note: be sure to do your research before booking a cage diving excursion and guarantee that the company is certified, uses natural bait and adheres to industry regulations

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There’s nothing like free-falling from 14,000 feet (Australia’s highest altitude) as you take in sensational coastal views before gliding down to earth over North Wollongong beach.  After the instructor deploys your parachute at 4,000 feet, you can take control by pulling down on the toggles and soaring through the air like a bird! You can also hop on a a transit bus or embark on the scenic Grand Pacific drive that will take you through to seaside villages, glistening beaches with rock pools and craggy bluffs. Just a side note: don’t have your mouth open in freefall if you want a phenomenal picture, as the insane high-speed winds will make you look ridiculously goofy!

Where: All over Australia, with major dropzones in Wollongong, New Castle, Hunter Valley and Byron Bay in New South Wales
How much: Prices range between AUD 200-300

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Bridge Climbing

Remember that epic scene from Rise Of The Planet of The Ape where Ceaser climbed up the ladder rungs of Golden Gate Bridge? Well, you can recreate the scene yourself by scaling the height of Sydney Harbour Bridge and see Down Under from up above. It takes about two hours to make your way along the 440 foot (134 meter) high walkway to reach the summit. Perch along the steel-arch bridge and take in killer panoramic and sweeping landscape views that are dotted with sailboats and ultra-modern skyscrapers of the CBD. The long stroll sounds like arduous work, but once you get to the summit, you will be rewarded with the thrill of being on top of the world. Besides, many celebrities like Will Smith, Usain Bolt and Prince Harry have also scaled this mighty monument too!

Where: Sydney Harbour Bridge
Best time to go: The bridge climb is an all-weather experience, which means that the operators are equipped to see you climb rain or shine!  It will supply all the gear you’ll need to keep you safe and comfortable based on the day’s weather conditions.
How much: Prices are adjusted according to the time of day and day of week that you wish to climb, however prices typically range from AUD 163 to AUD 363.

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Flying a Fighter Jet

Ever wanted to live out your Top Gun dreams by taking off and flying in an upside down jet? Well, you can experience a range of stunning manoeuvres like non-stop spins and loops with the best military-trained pilots. Whether you have an affinity for flying or just want the thrill of a crazy ride without the rails, Jetfighter offers a 15-minute introductory mission in an ex-military L39-Albatros which have served over 30 air forces around the world. Or, you can take it to another level and experience aerial combat (dogfight) with trained fighter pilots. Whichever you choose, it’s not for the faint-hearted!

Where: Flights offered by Jet Fighter over Melbourne’s King Island, Port Philip Bay, Point Cook RAAF Base, and the Bellarine Peninsula
How much: AUD 1000-2000

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Other Activities to check out in Australia:

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