23 February, 2022
theDesk Revenue Share Model
theDesk Revenue Share Model

Expand Your Business And Reach With theDesk

23 February, 2022
theDesk Revenue Share Model scoop

theDesk offers a unique Revenue Share model to open up room for your business to grow.

Co-working spaces like theDesk have been a godsend in recent years, with many companies and small businesses transitioning away from the traditional office to more flexible alternatives. Having worked from theDesk for more than two years, we could go on and on about the benefits of belonging to a co-working community.

theDesk has gone above and beyond to create an inclusive and collaborative environment for professionals, where like-minded folks can exchange ideas and build valuable connections. With seven prime locations throughout the city (Admiralty, Sheung Wan, Causeway Bay, Sai Wan, Hung Hom or Sha Tin), theDesk offers a wide scope for networking. It only makes sense then to take advantage of a space like this to expand your business, no?

theDesk Revenue Share Model: APT Coffee

A Win-Win Business Model

Business by nature is unpredictable, and the current climate is placing increasing pressure on cost and revenue. theDesk Revenue Share offers a unique de-risking business model which enables businesses to grow and use its physical locations as a springboard to generate more revenue from new clients, without a fixed rent commitment or fixed time to pay upfront (i.e. monthly rent and deposit, etc.).

Looking to expand your footprint and grow your client base? theDesk not only provides a space where you and your team can work alongside other professionals, but also offers itself up as the ideal business partner. theDesk Revenue Share is built on a trusting, side-by-side partnership where its revenue is 100% based on the success of its partners. A win for you, is a win for them.

theDesk has worked with a number of clients and can share experience based on those successful projects to help you accelerate your own business idea and meet your goals. Rest assured they will pull out all the stops, allowing you to draw benefits from its spaces, services, community and online reach.

theDesk Revenue Share Model: Bodystyle

Room To Grow

theDesk boasts a number of versatile spaces to accommodate a range of formats (read on to find out how you can get a free hotDesk Day Pass and explore the different spaces for yourself!). Since joining theDesk we’ve seen businesses use its spaces for product displays, art exhibitions, creative workshops, fitness classes, pop-up shops, marketplaces, services and large conferences – the list goes on… theDesk is always up for exploring new ideas and takes pride in opening doors for purposeful business collaborations and partnerships.

Remember, partnering with theDesk also opens up the opportunity for partnerships with other members who might be able to boost your business and grow alongside yours. With over 250 companies from a range of industries under its belt, the chances of this happening is high.

theDesk Revenue Share Model

Success Stories

Calioo, an online marketplace and theDesk member, met wellness drink producer Lify Wellness and invited the brand to list their beverages on its online marketplace, resulting in increased sales for both businesses. Since joining theDesk in 2020, rehabilitation and fitness centre Prohab Physiotherapy expanded from five clinics to nine within the span of a year and increased its footprint growth by utilising theDesk locations. These are just a couple examples of businesses that have found success in partnering with theDesk – who’s to say you can’t be next?

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theDesk is offering Sassy readers a more competitive ratio of sharing revenue as well as a free hotDesk Day Pass at any location. Head here for more information.

theDesk, various locations across Hong Kong, 3892 2320, Facebook: theDesk, Instagram: @thedeskhk, www.thedesk.com.hk

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