The Secret Is Out: Flip Style

So if you were to ask me what type of girl I am I would 100% say that I am a shoe girl. With that being said it makes me sad I don’t treat my shoes as nicely as they deserve to be treated. They always seem to be scattered throughout my house (or under my bed!) and when they are in my closet they are hardly ever organized. I admit it, I need help in organization and I am lucky that we discovered Flip Style because they can make organizing your life and your loved possessions (aka shoes!) a cinch. For shoe lovers Flip offers the Flip Box which “brings order to your shoes and accessories while keeping them beautiful, protected and always available”. Flip also has two great products for bag lovers. If you are a bag girl then you must check out their Flip Pouch and Flip Clip! More information can be found on their website and you can even order online!
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