The Secret Is Out: Fang Fong

The streets of SoHo are lined with posh bars like the Varga Lounge and delicious restaurants with cuisine from every corner of the world! Scattered throughout SoHo you will also find many charming little boutiques.

Sassy often visits Fang Fong on Staunton Street and thought they would be a fabulous addition to Sassy’s Chic Boutique. Fang Fong is a fantastic little shop filled with designer dresses priced for the recessionista’s budget, one of a kind clutches, and trendy accessories. With new arrivals weekly, it is always fun to visit Fang Fong to see their latest pieces. A lot of the girls who visited Chic Boutique mentioned that they loved the belts that Fang Fong was displaying. Next time you make plans to meet your friends in SoHo for a glass of wine or brunch on a Sunday, be sure to save yourself some time to visit Fang Fong!

Fang Fong, 47 Staunton Street, SoHo, 2857 2057
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