9 December, 2022
The Editor's Company Home: Jessy
The Editor's Company Home: Jessy
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A Look Into Beautiful Hong Kong Homes By The Editors Company

9 December, 2022
The Editor's Company Home: Jessy scoop

The Editors Company is more than an online home stylist – it listens, it styles, it transforms and, simply put, it creates your dream home!

Create moments and style effortlessly with The Editors Company. When it comes down to a well-designed home, the team firmly believes a home can create better relationships with loved ones, create precious memories, and that investing in a thoughtfully created home can make your life a little bit better every day.

Have you been searching high and low for that walnut wardrobe or are you stuck on getting that perfect sofa and not quite sure if it matches your other decor? This is where The Editors Company takes away a big weight off our shoulders – with its online home styling service, transforming your living space has never been easier (and more affordable!).

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The Editor's Company Home

A Blueprint Of The Editors Company’s Design Process

The Editors Company is the brainchild of Aaron Chin and Fion Lee, who not only have prior experience working for high-end clients but also both share a vision to help everyday people who want to come home to a space they love (that’s us!). They believe life starts at home – your home should be your safe space and sanctuary and everyone deserves a home that reflects who they are.

We started The Editor’s Company to bridge the gap for people who might not have the time or skill to decorate their dream homes.

The online home styling service is a one-stop solution that makes it really easy.

the editor's company aaron fion

Just How This Easy Online Styling Platform Works

It’s easy, it’s fast, it’s affordable and it’s you

Aaron and Fion are changing lives, one home at a time – and here’s how the magic happens. First, you fill out their style quiz, submit pictures of your space, and have an online consultation with a home stylist. After finalising the design outcome together, your part is done! A recent client, Emily sums it up best in her Instagram review.

The rest falls into the hands of the team at The Editors Company who will find the best fits from their pool of 60+ furniture brands and keep track of orders. Then comes the big reveal and voila, your dream home is all set! 

All of this comes with a flat design fee of just $3,500 per room!

The Editor's Company Home: Aaron

“Life Starts At Home” – A Look Into Founder, Aaron’s Home

An ethos of The Editors Company’s is, “Life starts at home”, and founder Aaron Chin attests to that by giving his own home a taste of his own medicine! In fact, Team Sassy were invited into Aaron’s home and marvelled at how effortlessly chic his place looked! 

Sometimes we’re put off by how small Hong Kong apartments are but once you let your creative juices flow and are in the expert hands of The Editors Company, there’s no need for hesitation. 

The biggest challenge is choosing the right furniture for small spaces… It’s all about practicality and making sure the whole apartment has a seamless flow.

If you’re looking to give your home a new look, take a scroll through The Editors Company’s Instagram for lots of interior design inspo.

Aaron’s one piece of styling advice…

Be yourself. Really think about who you are and how you’d like to live in your home day-to-day.

From there you can plan your layout, define your style, and pick your furniture and decor. And, if you are having trouble, you can always call on The Editors Company!

editors company home client testimonial

The Editors Company – Hong Kong House Success Stories

A successful home story not only keeps the homeowners happy, but also the team at The Editors Company, because the team’s passion lies in creating lifelong memories for its clients (our co-founder Maura Thomspon included!). 

A Look Into Stephanie’s Natural Scandinavian Home In Tin Hau

The team created a beautiful home with timeless, natural and calming elements to tie all the rooms together for Stephanie’s young family. The wooden elements and indoor plants bring the outside in whilst keeping it comfortable and cosy. 

The Editor's Company Home: Stephanie

We had a budget in mind and they were able to accommodate our requests, mixing in more affordable pieces with designer items for an aesthetic that we are 100% pleased with. – Stephanie

See Stephanie’s full home story here.

Jessy’s Modern Kowloon Tong Apartment Is One For The Books

Modern meets elegance, with touches of fun patterns and shapes! The light grey curved sofa may steal your first glance but the subtle decoration pieces, with touches of brass and muted tones, bring it all together. And the shelves full of books? Dreamy! 

The Editor's Company Home: Jessy

From the design of layout to the selection of furniture and the follow up suggestions on the decor pieces, I loved their artistic taste and was amazed by their ability of grasping what a client wanted and exceeding their expectations. – Jessy

See Jessy’s full home story here.

You’re hooked now, aren’t you? Take a look at more of The Editors Company’s projects and book your consultation! 

The Editors Company, 21/F, CMA Building, 64 Connaught Road Central, Central, Hong Kong, WhatsApp: 6012 0095, Facebook: The Editors Company, Instagram: @the.editors.company, www.editorscompany.com

This article is in paid partnership with The Editors Company. All images courtesy of The Editors Company.

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