18 May, 2015

The Dating Game: The Ex-Factor

18 May, 2015

Hands up, ladies. Who else is going through a dry spell? Yep, me too. Which is why I had no choice but to text the pseudo-ex from last year. No, not the one who had stolen my heart and run away with it, but the rebound I had briefly dated after to get over my hurt feelings. I’ll admit, this Sassy Girl was looking for a little somethin’ somethin’ to cure the dry spell.

I was lonely. Lonely and bored and with nothing going on in my life. So it was exciting to text him again, and call him at midnight… and stay on the phone with him for an hour or so. The memories came flooding back and I just wanted him.

Not that I wanted him much while we were together, which sucked for him, obviously. But I had given it a go and came to my senses early enough to break it to him gently. However, it was a year later and I just wanted someone to hold. And possibly more.

The Dating Game - phone

The exchange went something like this:

Me: “Hi. What are you up to on Friday night?”
Him: “I’ve got a friend’s birthday drinks. Why?”
Me: “Oh… was hoping you’d be able to meet. I’m free after 9ish. Can you come to Kowloon then?”
Him: “No, I’m going to be in LKF. Why don’t you come to the island?”
Me: “Nah, it’s fine. Maybe some other time.”

12.30am on Saturday morning

Him: “Hey, you out?”
Me: “No, I’m in bed.”
Him: “AWESOME.” [Seriously, men are so horny… although, pot, meet kettle…]
Me: “Why? Where are you?”
Him: “Still out. I wanna see you. Can I come to your ‘hood?”
Me: “You can, but I’m not leaving home.”
Him: “Just to be clear, I really wanna see you, like now.”

Take note, girls, I had planted the idea in his head earlier and now he was the one booty-texting me. It did feel good to have the power.

Me: “Maybe another day.”
Him: “Fine, be lazy.”

The Dating Game - 2

I’ll admit, my loins were burning and yearning at that moment.

I asked him about his hangover the next day and somewhere in the conversation we agreed to meet the following week. He’d been jerking me around for several days already, so I had an inkling he would bail last minute on our dinner plans. Especially when he asked if any of my other girlfriends would be out the night we planned to meet… that was very odd.

Lo and behold, he didn’t bail. And we had a lovely dinner where he spoke too much with his usual arrogance. Back at the same spot where we’d drunk a stupid number of margaritas a year ago… back to me fluttering my eyelids at him in the hopes I’d get over my most recent man by getting under him. I still wanted him, if only for some major bedroom antics. I didn’t want him for a relationship. I’m not sure if he knew that.

The Dating Game - 4

Yes, I’d hurt him, and the Sassy Boys reading this will agree that I was probably leading him on, but come on, what was the use in overthinking it? I had to just do it, like Nike kept telling me to do for years.

And I did, and it gave me that same feeling of comfort I craved. Whatever loneliness I had been feeling for those past two weeks melted away and I thoroughly enjoyed being back in his arms for that one night. I had to shut him out for a lot of it as I was adamant that it would be about me. I had to satisfy my soul, and boy, did I get that satisfaction. Twice.

Ms. Sassy’s dating tip of the month: It’s okay to text the one that got away, as long as everyone’s up front about what it is they want.

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