22 October, 2012

Taara Jewellery – our latest fashion must-have

22 October, 2012

At Sassy, we love giving you the inside scoop on all our coolest style finds… and we’ve got a jewellery lust we think you’re gonna love!

Taara Jewellery is our latest must-have brand, created by fabulous Hong Kong designer Megha Jain – and we’ve already spotted her beautiful Indian-inspired pieces in the likes of Vogue, InStyle and People StyleWatch, so we’re in good company! Plus, you’ll soon be seeing Taara Jewellery stocked in two of the coolest shops in town (our lips are strictly sealed for now but we promise we’ll let you in on the news soon!)

Taara was created when Megha, tired of corporate life Stateside, decided to explore her creative side – so she bit the bullet, moved to Hong Kong and got designing! Being in HK means she can travel to India regularly, getting loads of fantastic style inspiration and source all sorts of stunning stones, meaning even more fabulous pieces of jewellery for us!

The name Taara comes from the word ‘sitara’, which means ‘stars’ in Sanskrit… and this jewellery is truly stellar. If you’re looking for a style statement piece bound to get everyone talking, look no further! Taara’s pieces are inspired by India’s wonderful heritage and beautiful scenery – think the opulence and fantasy of Mughal Empire kings and queens, or the stunning lakes and colourful palaces in Udaipur, and you’re there. With a range including necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets and pendants, we’re spoilt for choice!

You can check out Taara Jewellery in person at Love It and Fang Fong Projects boutiques in Central, or buy online at HK e-boutiques Shop des Createurs and Zao Zao… plus stay tuned for the full Sassy scoop on the other cool shops they’ll be stocked in soon!

Is it too early for us to add some of these Taara stunners to our Christmas list?! If we can wait until Christmas that is…


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