18 October, 2017

Get The Perfect Fit With Isabella Wren Tailored Clothing

18 October, 2017

No more guesses when having clothing custom-made


We’ve all struggled with size and fit when shopping in Hong Kong, and finding a unique look with the best fit can definitely be a challenge (to say the least!). One option is to go the custom-made route, but often the biggest concern is whether the tailoring will be done correctly. Isabella Wren takes the worry out of bespoke tailored clothing with its incredible, cutting-edge technology. It ensures a perfect fit while employing a sustainable manufacturing system where only what is ordered is produced.

The team of in-house designers focus on cutting to ensure every piece will flatter whether you’re petite, full-figured, or even the perfect hourglass shape. They create garments that will accent your shape and flatter your figure. Look and feel great, ready to take on the day in an outfit that fits like a glove and looks both professional and stylish.

isabella wren custom clothing

Now that Isabella Wren has launched its online site, clients can get what they need without having to leave their homes! Just head to its online store, enter the dimensions and sizes and let the experts take care of everything else. Select from its suggested patterns and styles or tell them what you prefer. No matter what, you’ll feel pampered and cared for!

Got a dress or suit that fits you perfectly? Have it duplicated in different colours or patterns. Using its online 3-D customiser you can change a neckline, add a sleeve, or keep it the same – the possibilities are endless! The exquisite fabrics found at Isabella Wren are high quality, breathable, and luxe, so you’ll find what you need for the outfit you desire. Its style repertoire features everything from jackets, dresses, slacks, blouses and more.

Nothing makes a statement like finely made clothing. These aren’t just clothes, they’re couture. Feel smart and sexy as you walk from the boardroom to the dining hall in a custom-made outfit you know looks fab on you. Look beautiful and feel empowered without worrying about bunching, twisting or ill-fitting outfits ruining your self-esteem. These outfits will be your go-to when you want to impress!

Sassy Perk: Valid until Saturday, November 18, Sassy readers will receive 15% off their first order. At checkout online or in the showroom, just enter (or say!) the code “Sassy15”.

Isabella Wren, 2310 2333, [email protected]www.isabellawren.com

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