3 July, 2014
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Studio Fitness – workout in the heart of Central!

3 July, 2014

Situated at the far end of Wyndham Street, Studio Fitness suits its bustling surroundings. With bright lights, pumping music and lots of people walking around half dressed, the gym could be mistaken for a nightclub, until you see the array of shiny fitness equipment, dumbbells and bikes. On arrival, I received an extremely warm welcome from receptionist Hayley who quickly introduced me to the rest of the Studio Fitness team, including founder Justin (who is also her brother) and fellow founder Beau. Inside, the gym is petite with a friendly atmosphere that makes you instantly feel at ease, no matter your fitness level. With that said, do be warned, this is not the gym for skulking at the back – these guys mean business!

Unlike traditional gyms, Studio Fitness is all about classes, which for someone like me who loves exercising in groups and needs plenty of encouragement, is perfect. What’s more, Studio Fitness has very flexible memberships. For example, if you are a frequent traveller (which many of us here in Hong Kong are), you can purchase credits as opposed to a monthly membership, which allows you to come and go as you please. To add to the convenience, the credits do not expire. Hurrah!

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Onto the classes… The Studio Fitness menu is straightforward; you simply choose between Get Ripped or Cut Fat. As implied, Get Ripped focuses on building strength and toning muscles, while Cut Fat is more cardio and high energy focused. Personal training is also on offer and the free weights are available to monthly membership holders, but the great thing about Studio Fitness is the classes are so small (twelve people maximum), every session feels like personal training.

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Having selected Get Ripped with trainer ‘TLo,’ I was fired up and ready for action. Receptionist Hayley kindly accompanied me and with only two in the class, we were seriously put through our paces! First up, circuits at the torturous-looking ‘power station’ complete with bench, bars and weights a plenty. Round one consisted of bicep curls, squats and leg raises which sounded easy enough, but not when ‘TLo’ is in charge of the weights!

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Three rounds later, I was well and truly exhausted… Next, we found our mats and began an excruciating core session, however with ample words of enthusiasm from ‘TLo’, we were soon planking, crunching and sweating with the best of them. Surely that had to be it? No chance! Onto the bikes, which are located in front of the window, allowing you to observe Wyndham Street’s passersby and get a spot of fresh air. Dumbbells at the ready, we pumped and cycled our hearts out to the final finish line. Phew!

Having showered off and been tempted by the array of delicious-sounding shakes available from the gym’s Health Bar, I left feeling fully energised and ready to enjoy a large glass of wine! The next day, I was still full of beans, feeling quite smug and gently aching in that I-feel-like-I-achieved-something way.


As a regular gym-goer, I was foolishly under the impression that I must be fit, but I have honestly never had a workout like that in my life! With such an encouraging atmosphere, the sense of achievement was well worth the sweat and (almost) tears. I was not surprised to hear from Hayley and co that they can really see the difference in their clients’ fitness and body shape over time – a couple of these classes a week and you’d be fighting fit! If you’re ready to take on the challenge, get up close and personal with your fellow gym-goers, and have a lot of fun whilst doing it – you can join up and get a free first class. Ladies, it’s time to feel the burn!

Studio Fitness’ unlimited monthly membership which includes access to classes and the open gym starts from $1,898 per month for 24 months, whilst the credits package starts from $2,800 for 10 classes. Personal training starts from $9,000 for 10 sessions. 

Studio Fitness, 1/F, Worldwide Commercial Building, 34 Wyndham Street, Central, Hong Kong, www.studiofitness.com.hk

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