8 January, 2016
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Oddies opens on Gough Street!

8 January, 2016

The Scoop on Hong Kong’s Favourite Gelato Spot

We love the quirky boutiques and delicious foodie stops on Gough Street, which is the home of Elephant Grounds, the agnes b. cafe, Homeless and Kau Kei. And now we’re happy to announce that it’s the second location of ice-cream favourites, ‘Oddies‘! Almost everyone knows Oddies for their classic egg waffle and soft serve combination (which also happens to be on the menu in their Gough street branch too), so we’re more than happy that we’ll be able to pick up this indulgent sweet treat so close to Central.

The newly opened Oddies is fresh and fun – think white interiors with accent pop-art pieces scattered throughout. Although the look of the shop is a bit more polished, the delicious gelato is still made to the same standard using high quality ingredients. Made fresh, each batch of gelato is generously filled with different chunks of mouthwatering goodies. You wont need to dig through the whole cup to find tiny pieces of nuts or cookies!


There are so many exciting flavours to choose from, I couldn’t make up my mind which one to go for first! Seeing my hesitation, the friendly staff offered me a a taste of nearly all the flavours (thank you Oddies for being so patient and kind!). Although the choice can be overwhelming because they all look so tasty, it’s great having such a wide range of flavours if you have a big group who all love different things. If you fancy something light, they have yogurt gelato available, and if your looking for something in-between that’s light but with a sweet twist, I’d recommend the fruity gelatos. My favourite taster that I tried had to be the nutty ‘Peeeecan’ flavoured gelato. The sweet mix of milk, caramel fudge, butter, pecans and oatmeal clusters was simply a must-try… I’m still thinking about it now! You’ll never get bored of Oddies as they’re constantly switching up their flavours, testing out new and delicious, innovative combos.

If you’re craving the classic egg waffle soft serve combo from Oddies, don’t worry. You can also get this indulgent combination at the Gough Street branch, and you can even combine it with their awesome gelato flavours. What a treat!


Other than gelato, Oddies also have adorable “Jar-letos” on offer. Imagine your favourite gelato flavour, but with the ingredients layered out separately. If you’re always wanting bigger chunks of Oreo in your ‘Cookies and Cream’ or you wish you could taste the individual textures better, then this Jar-leto is for you! Plus is looks totally cute and Instagrammable too…


In addition to gelato, soft serves, and egg waffles, be sure to keep an eye our for the meringue and cookies too. I’ve got to say, I’ve never had such good meringue! Perfect for decorating cakes, or even just munching on as a snack. Lastly – if can’t make it to Oddies but you would love to enjoy some of their sinfully good ice-cream from the comfort of your own bed, Oddies now delivers! Say goodbye to those healthy eating New Year’s Resolutions…

Oddies Foodies, 45 Gough Street, Central, Hong Kong, 9551 7972, www.facebook.com/oddiesfoodies

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