23 April, 2015
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Soulistic – Kinesiology for the soul with Christina Paul

23 April, 2015

Even though I’d already booked my appointment with Christina Paul for a session of Kinesiology at Kinesiology Asia, I couldn’t tell you whether I was going to see her for a class in acrobatics or for a soothing massage. In fact I was wrong with both guesses. Kinesiology is a hard concept to understand, but I would describe it as a truly holistic and integrative healthcare system. Kinesiology was created from the connection between Western and Eastern energetic systems (like acupoints, meridians and chakras), using a mixture of natural therapies. The aim of it is to help clear negative pyschology, which in turn helps to cure a particular physical or emotional problem (read more about it here).

Christina Paul specifically uses Positive Psychology, Neuro-Energetic Kinesiology and Holistic Aromatherapy in her sessions. I was intrigued to see what this all meant, and as soon as I walked into the treatment room Christina asked me if I was ready for some “TLC”. As someone that feels so secure and happy on a daily basis, I wasn’t sure if I was ready for (or even needed) “TLC”, but I soon realised I was wrong. I felt immediately safe in Christina’s hands, especially as her soft voice and calm demeanour really put me at ease. I was excited to see what she had in mind for my personalised session…


It began with a question and answer period, where I shared details about my emotional and physical state. Christina was then able to engage with my body and gather a small understanding of the problem areas. The most interesting part of the process was understanding that the emotional and physical states are connected. What that means is your physical aches and pains may be related to something energetic that needs to be released.


I felt a little apprehensive as I wasn’t sure what was coming next, but I was surprised to find throughout the session that there wasn’t one point where I felt uncomfortable. Christina laid me down on her therapy bed and tested my muscle reflexes, and before I knew it I was quickly lured into a sense of relaxation. She started to gently explain to me that this form of mind-body therapy uses biofeedback from the nervous system to identify blockages or subconsious stresses, and therefore allows you to totally relax. I can honestly admit that from here my mind was lost in a deep sense of relaxation. The next moment when I felt aware was 15 minutes later when I heard a gong… I felt like I was being woken from a four-year nap!


After the session, I felt exhausted but light as a feather. It was as if she had lifted a weight off my shoulders, but also drained me of all the energy I had. This experience was really hard to describe, but I genuinely feel blessed to have met someone whose craft and passion had such an immediate affect on me. I would definitely recommend this treatment and would be interested to see if other people had a similar feeling that I did!

Kinesiology costs $1,000 for a 60-75min session and $4,500 for a 5-session package. 10-session family packages also available.

Check out Soulistic – Christina’s own label, which represents the full range of her work, including holistic treatments, personalised aromatherapy remedies and natural health and happiness workshops. www.soulistic.asia

Kinesiology Asia, 8-9/F Cheung Hing Commercial Building, 37 Cochrane Street, Central, Hong Kong, 2960 1006, www.kinesiologyasia.com

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